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Semele Xerri of Triple Moon

Cord cutting visualisation

Posted by on Sep 1, 2011 in Healing | Comments Off on Cord cutting visualisation

This cord cutting visualisation is brilliant for helping with all sorts of relationship difficulties and helps you to maintain your own energy. When we are having problems with other people, we often feel exhausted as our energy is being directed to these others through the energetic cords that connect us. This exercise restores your individuality and energy integrity, helping you to move on freely from relationships that have run their course, while removing blockages and unhealthy attachments from within ongoing relationships (don’t worry,...

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Balancing act – creating as giving

Posted by on Aug 3, 2011 in Spiritual living | Comments Off on Balancing act – creating as giving

I am so lucky to live here in the heart of Wales and to be surrounded by natural beauty at all times. But over the last couple of years I, along with all the inhabitants of this small market town, have been treated to a more surprising symmetry. On my daily walk with my dog Jester along the banks of the river Wye, I suddenly began to notice the occasional appearance of fantastic sculptures. They were of natural stones, balanced on top of each other in seemingly impossible ways that defied gravity. They were so expertly positioned, sometimes...

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Communicating with your inner child

Posted by on Jul 4, 2011 in Healing, Spiritual living | Comments Off on Communicating with your inner child

Rehearsing and performing Romeo and Juliet with the Willow Globe Company has, as ever, brought important life issues to my attention. I am playing Lady Capulet and I admit it was a bit of a challenge to “find” her in rehearsals. Our directors Phil and Sue are fantastic and always say we don’t have to worry about that but let the words speak for themselves – and they really do. Shakespeare is amazing at packing acres of character and information into a couple of lines. But still, there were many scenes in which I was on...

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Falling – gravity as a spiritual lesson

Posted by on Apr 4, 2011 in Spiritual living | Comments Off on Falling – gravity as a spiritual lesson

I’m in danger of sounding like I do nothing but watch TV, but I won’t apologise for watching another excellent TV programme – The Wonders of the Universe. The subject was gravity, and Dr Brian Cox completely blew me away with this simple explanation of a complex force. Gravity means that absolutely everything is falling into everything else, irresistibly and continually following the curves of space time created by the pulls from all the stars, planets and galaxies in the universe. Gravity is by its very nature both creative...

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The Human (or should that be Nature) Planet

Posted by on Feb 25, 2011 in Spiritual living | Comments Off on The Human (or should that be Nature) Planet

I watched Human Planet last night – a fantastic BBC TV programme if you get the chance to see it. The series looks at extreme environments on the planet and how humans in those places have adapted incredible and resourceful techniques for survivng within them. Two of the stories really spoke to me personally in this particular programme which focused on rivers. In the first one, we saw Hali who lives in Cherrapunji, India where they have the highest rainfall in the world, leading to problems with heavily swollen rivers that still needed...

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Letting go to flow

Posted by on Feb 2, 2011 in Spiritual living, Tarot | 0 comments

I know that it’s time for change and I welcome it openly, but I’m realising how difficult it can be to allow that change to happen (even when you want it) for all sorts of reasons; fear of the unknown, material and personal insecurity, lack of self-confidence, distrust. I wouldn’t say I’m a control freak – a quick check with the boyfriend confirms I’m not, thank you George – but I know I can still benefit from loosening my hold on how I want things to become, and strengthening my ability to just allow...

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A life that is free – reading for 2011

Posted by on Jan 4, 2011 in Spiritual living, Tarot | 0 comments

The card drawn from my Thoth deck to guide us in 2011 is the ten of wands, and immediately I’m aware that we have moved from a nine in the 2010 reading to the number ten; completing a cycle. The card has a bright orange background against which are set eight criss-crossed wands, dominated by two much larger black wands standing upright in front of them as if to bar the way. Given the current political and economic situation, the subtitle of this card “Oppression”  seems particularly apt but it is not a card of doom and...

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Life without limits – planning flexibly

Posted by on Nov 1, 2010 in Spiritual living | Comments Off on Life without limits – planning flexibly

As I continue to formulate some long-term and very exciting plans for the future, I have been very aware of how much I can automatically limit myself and the potential outcome of any situation. I’ll show you what I mean. Just think about fulfilling your wildest dreams for a moment or two…………………….now, how quickly did that tiny but oh so influential word “but” make an entrance? How easy it is with one small “but” to talk ourselves out of starting something at all...

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A bolt from the blue – the power of lightning

Posted by on Sep 30, 2010 in Spiritual living | Comments Off on A bolt from the blue – the power of lightning

I have recently returned from a wonderfully relaxing holiday on the lovely island of Malta. This was my third visit and one of my most vivid memories of my last trip eight years ago was of spectacular thunder and lightning storms. I was lucky enough to be treated to a couple more on my recent visit, and we got some wonderful video footage which may appear on Youtube at some point courtesy of my son. Storms seem to be a love it or hate it thing. For me, they’re exciting, slightly scary but in a good way and I come alive with the palpable...

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Maintaining a healthy crown chakra

Posted by on Sep 24, 2010 in Healing | Comments Off on Maintaining a healthy crown chakra

This chakra is located at the top of the head, conecting us to divine intelligence and giving us access to cosmic consciousness and understanding. As the name crown suggests, this chakra represents the ruling principle of life and is where we can become aware of and understand the underlying order and meaning of all things. The element of the crown chakra is thought and its function is “knowing” – through the crown we access the infinite body of information in the universe and pull it down through our other chakras to be...

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