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Shift from Poor Me to Pure Me!

…with this four part online course to help you remember and be who you really are

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Do you find yourself constantly struggling with…

* Staying calm no matter what’s happening around you?

* Lack of energy, or sudden energy drops?

* Making clear decisions that feel good for you?

* Staying focused and effective?

* Understanding who you really are?

* Knowing and doing what is right for you?

* Hearing your true inner voice above the noise of others?

* Letting go of worry and overwhelm?

* Tapping into your full creative potential?

You are not alone! This used to be my problem too.

I spent most of my pre-thirty years looking for somewhere to belong, often feeling exhausted and emotionally overwhelmed, wanting to please people so they’d like me, being frightened of making decisions, and getting pulled this way and that by the opinions and beliefs of others who I thought were stronger or wiser than I was. Sound familiar?! Now as a healer, I see these same issues coming up again and again for many of my clients. We’ve simply forgotten how to understand ourselves as energetic beings and claim our divine sovereignty, and this is the single biggest contributor to unhappiness and ill health that I know of.

Pure Me Online CourseIs there a solution?

Yes there is! After many years of trying, testing, and proving for myself, I’ve identified four essential steps to taking back control of your energy and your life. Using teaching videos and video meditations, along with written exercises, I guide you through this four step process:

Part 1 – Working with energy

Learn all about energy, and how to balance and harmonise your own for maximum mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing (three teaching videos and three video meditations).

Part 2 – Working with the self

Learn how to be aware of and manage your personal boundaries, and connect in to your Higher Self  – your source of infinite wisdom and guidance (two teaching videos, two video meditations, and written exercises).

Part 3 – Working with others

Learn how to ensure your relationships are supportive and nurturing, and connect effectively to your relationship/creative power centre (two teaching videos, two video meditations, and written exercises).

Part 4 – Working as divine co-creator

Learn how to consciously direct your life in alignment with your soul, and activate your dormant spiritual potential (two teaching videos, one video meditation and written exercises).

The course includes a PDF workbook with notes of all the teachings, and structured space to help you expand on and record your experiences and progress with the materials.


You’ll get access to many other videos, articles and MP3 meditations that can help you consolidate and build on your newfound awareness and confidence.


The course fee is currently only £44, an amazing and life-changing bargain.


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