Spiritual teaching with Semele Xerri

About my teaching:

I want everyone to be able to learn, no matter how much time or resources they have available, so I’ve tried to offer as many different options as I can for my teaching. All my teaching is designed to enlighten and empower you to be true to your own divine essence and spiritual intelligence. The emphasis is on practical work and facilitating your own personal development through responsibility and experience – and, of course, fun!

Online courses and webinars are great if you lead a busy life, are self-motivated, and want to fit your learning around your personal schedule. They’re also very affordable.

Intuitive healing sessions are perfect if you have specific issues and challenges you want to address, and you know you benefit from having personal attention to encourage and keep you on track. These sessions also empower you with energy tools and techniques to facilitate your own self-healing.

Workshops are wonderful for their social aspect, coming together with like-minded people to share experiences, and the fabulous energy that’s always generated by a group.

If you want to organise a group and venue, and are prepared to pay travel expenses, I will happily bring Triple Moon teaching to you.

Please visit the following pages for more details of my teaching options, and don’t forget to take advantage of the free information I share in my Blog and on my Youtube channel:

Reiki Training

Intuitive Healing

Online Courses


“The quality of our life ultimately depends on what can be called ‘spiritual intelligence’…..the capacity to conduct our life in such a way that it reflects deep philosophical and metaphysical understanding of reality and of ourselves.”
Stanislav Grof