The life cycle of stars

Posted on Jun 24, 2022 in Poetry, Spiritual living, Uncategorized

Here’s my poem inspired by the life cycle of stars, which for me echoes the incarnation of the limitless light of the soul into the density of a human body: as above so below. I love gazing up at the night sky, and I’m lucky that we live in a place of low light pollution so they’re often astonishingly clear (when the Welsh rainclouds are taking a night off anyway)! I think that at a cellular level, literally, we recognise our origins out there in the vast expanse and we gain a sense of belonging, hope, and perspective through seeing our place in this cosmic context.

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A Thrutopian evocation; the way through

Posted on Jun 8, 2022 in Poetry, Spiritual living, Uncategorized

Animal communication with Semele Xerri

As an essential aspect of my grounded spiritual work, I’m passionate about living in harmony with the more than human world. I’m currently on a journey with other writers called Thrutopia, in which we’re investigating how we can write a path to a flourishing future. Our media is flooded with dystopian visions because in these challenging times of climate change and social disruption it’s just too easy to imagine a disastrous future.

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Descension; a poem

Posted on Sep 21, 2020 in Poetry, Uncategorized

Artist's palette

I meet the sighing sink and settle,
Restless Spirit recalls home and
Burrows deep in fleshy pillow, hollow bone.
A daily Autumn turn to inner dark
Of neutral nothingness yet everything,
Where I can know entirety of self
With unreserved honesty and love.
Deep Mother’s arms encircling me
And all my fears, my nightmares, hates,
My still unconscious, unfelt hurts.

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Enchanted; a poem

Posted on Apr 27, 2020 in Poetry, Uncategorized

A potent perfume nuzzles at the fringes of my focus,
Tugging my gaze toward the trees; distracted,
I disentangle from fluttering green and amber luminescence to jar against the harsh screen glare.
A tender scented tendril curls over my mouth, caught open in a sigh,

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Moon stone

Posted on Nov 7, 2019 in Poetry, Uncategorized

Moon stone

It’s just a giant rock, he said, but without it no life would exist.
A rock that rocks apparently.
So lifeless and barren on the shining face of her,
Pitted scars like pockmarks.
What affliction has she felt that those flaws linger clear,
Starry eyes a witness to her blitzing?

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