About Semele

About Semele Xerri

Always essentially spiritual from childhood, a crisis point in my adult life kick-started me on the journey of reconnecting fully with my soul. Since then, I have walked hand-in-hand with the wise and wild woman within and my life has been transformed beyond recognition because of it, from business woman to healer/teacher. I have studied and explored Reiki, crystals, Tarot, mediumship, meditation, channelling, Druidry, Gnosticism, hypnotherapy, dowsing, past lives and spirit release along the way, culminating here at Triple Moon where my desire is to encourage and facilitate spiritual development and intelligence, and so well-being, in all those who are ready for it. Since having the blessing of accompanying my Dad during his transition to Spirit, I’ve felt called to widen my role as a psychopomp and I spend one day a week as a volunteer healer at a nearby hospice.

As an expression of Divine Feminine energy, I work with a wide range of spiritual and angelic beings, nature spirits, and a magnificent body of light beings who call themselves The Star Council. These wonderful spirits from many different dimensions inform and inspire everything I do, through what I call natural channelling. In 2013 and 2014 I was guided to live in my camper van for 18 months and travelled to many of the UK’s ancient sacred sites, often sleeping at the edge of stone circles or on holy hills – thankfully my partner George and my collie Finn were only too happy to join in with the adventure.

A mother of two sons who has faced a fair few challenges along the way, I believe strongly in the need for a practical, personal spirituality that helps us to live every aspect of life to the fullest on and as part of this beautiful earth, whatever our chosen calling, profession or faith. I also believe in the importance of expressing our innate creativity in whatever way comes most naturally to us. For me it’s through acting, singing and dancing but for you it could be gardening, raising children, cooking or nurturing a business. Any connection with me will always be a creative one with a healthy dash of laughter!

We are all individual and unique beings of light, here to embody our souls in every areas of our lives, to discover and live what brings us joy, and to offer a special gift of service to humankind and to the planet. At this exciting time of changing energies, we are only just beginning to understand what we are capable of!

Whether you come to me for teaching, healing or guidance, or just to browse through the information resources, know that you are carrying out the essential work of rediscovering your own deep wisdom and following the path to joy. I bless and encourage each of you in your endeavours – you won’t regret it!

 Love, light and laughter,
Semele x

 “As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.”
Marianne Williamson