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Welcome to my blog, which contains my experiences of finding spiritual meaning and applying spirituality in my everyday and creative life, alongside professional healing and Tarot tips. I hope you find something to interest, encourage and inspire you here!

What you wish for; the power of intention

Posted by on Sep 27, 2018 in Spiritual living | Comments Off on What you wish for; the power of intention

Be careful what you wish for! That’s the traditional message of the Nine of Cups in the Tarot deck, and it’s referring to the power of your thoughts and intentions; wherever you choose to focus your energy, there it will surely flow. At this time of year following the Autumn Equinox, when our natural wisdom calls us to slow down and turn within, I’m thinking of that adage with a wry smile. At the beginning of this year after having had the Christmas season to settle into a new home and find my feet, I voiced and wrote my...

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The greatest of all human blessings

Posted by on Aug 9, 2018 in Spiritual living, Uncategorized | Comments Off on The greatest of all human blessings

Maybe it’s because I encountered death early in life that it holds no fear for me. I was only nine or ten when my school friend died. Jane had a heart condition that meant she was physically weak and fragile, and most days she would have to stay in the classroom at playtimes. I would often choose to sit inside with her, keeping her company. I remember her pale and delicate heart-shaped face that always reminded me of a fawn; those huge eyes that suggested age and wisdom far beyond her years. When she died, I wrote a poem at school about...

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Strumble Head

Posted by on Jul 25, 2018 in Poetry | Comments Off on Strumble Head

We seem to drift out onto the water, Towed by our gaze to anchor on the thin horizon. Our stationary vessel nestled on the clifftop like some overgrown gull, A modern-day crowsnest for these land-locked sailors. Surrounded by a second sea of long-stemmed grasses that dip their heads in prayer, Bending their ears to the mild-mannered breeze. The ocean slate smooths out before us, Unscratched by the elements who aren’t scribing tonight. I sigh in the stillness, becalmed and content, and yet… And yet… Beyond the soothing...

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Holy communion

Posted by on Jun 25, 2018 in Poetry | Comments Off on Holy communion

Soft spikes of pink yearning toward the sun. Floral spires raise my eyes and soul to Source, Their silent bells still sonorous and deep As the playful breeze turns campanologist. This is my church. I worship here and now at The high altar of nature, beneath a vaulted nave Of heavenly blue and angel-feathered sky. The fronding ferns pillow my knees, homier than any hassock As they bend and bow in mutual awe. The holy sea whispers prayers and scatters blessings Through foamy fingers and a generous wave. I am all of it at once, I am a tiny part...

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Being authentic

Posted by on Jun 11, 2018 in Healing, Spiritual living | Comments Off on Being authentic

The song “This is me” from the box-office smash “The Greatest Showman” has been adopted as a personal anthem by many in recent months. It speaks about being able to be yourself and proudly showing to the world the full reality of who you are. Authenticity is a hot topic, especially with so much duplicity being exposed in everything from politics, to finance, to the entertainment industry. There have been a few high profile suicides recently, which illustrate painfully the fact that what’s happening internally can...

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Posted by on May 24, 2018 in Poetry | Comments Off on Vulnerable

When we wore skins close to our skin, clothed in danger faced and overcome, When darkness meant crouching at cave-fire smoke screens from ravenous roars and biting cold, Did we bare souls to each other beside our visceral vulnerability? Were our hearts as wildly wide as uncertainty of being? Is it brick box borders and interminable light That have shaped us to shun the shaky and unsure? Is bulletproof a modern melody? Or did we praise impervious to spear and arrow even then? I wonder when we learned to hold our kind at bay as fiercely as our...

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A farewell to my father

Posted by on Apr 26, 2018 in Healing, Spiritual living | Comments Off on A farewell to my father

It’s strange and wonderful the way the universe works; sometimes with a jet black comic sense that has me gasping. The ability to hold all things lightly and see the funny side is a definite divine quality, and a healing one, in my experience. So it was that just as I’d applied to be a volunteer healer at a local hospice, my own Dad began his outward journey from the physical plane. It’s as if it was necessary for me to undergo this deeply personal initiation before I could begin to walk alongside others through their...

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Grandmother Bird

Posted by on Mar 27, 2018 in Poetry | Comments Off on Grandmother Bird

We share a common ancestor You and I And I wonder if that’s why My shoulders shrug in memory Of their once light burden, My dream-self fit to fly. Isis on her feathered throne Unfolded to the wind and sky To mourn her loss And fan Beloved life aglow. You fix me with your lively eye, Head a tilted query, And I taste your sharp instinct. Do we down the earthbound in you? And do you sing so splendidly Of ruffled refuge, Breath-borne spiral, Sun-set highway, That we might recall our own...

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I-Sight: part two

Posted by on Mar 21, 2018 in Spiritual living | Comments Off on I-Sight: part two

I’d like to share another instalment of the I-Sight adventure, so if you haven’t already read that initial article then you might want to click the link to catch up. Recently, a small forest has appeared to replace the blindfold of hair that masked my seer’s eyes. As always with my visions, I’ve been moved to research the symbolism of this link between trees and the third eye. I find that Source often gives me clues in this way, deliberately placing a tantalising clue that invites me to dive into deliciously curious...

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Light language

Posted by on Feb 20, 2018 in Poetry | Comments Off on Light language

You ask what I do and I struggle to structure a sentence That condemns me to a single cell existence. Those stakes lie smashed and splintered behind me And I move through a land of disclosure. Hard nouns and verbs won’t grasp the sum of anyone, Weighty against the feather of truth. Rub the scales from your “I”s. Then you would not need to ask but with unbolted heart and mouth ajar Be, brushed by a myriad shimmers and shadows of the light that is Indescribable, unspeakable, breathtaking and breathgiving, All and everything...

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