Testimonials for Semele Xerri's work

Here’s what some of my clients have said after working with me. Due to the sensitive and personal nature of much of my work, I haven’t included names.

Readings (psychic Tarot)

“I have been having Tarot readings and healing with Semele for the last 4 years and can truly say that each time has been as brilliant as the last. From the first appointment, face to face where on the turn of the first card she announced a move abroad, to my last reading on Skype (from Australia!). Semele has always given accurate and insightful readings that have helped me so much. I am very grateful to have found Semele and look forward to many more years of connection and guidance.” Emily

“Again I can’t thank you enough for your readings you totally blew me away with your accuracy.”

“As always, I was struck by how beautifully the reading was written, with your words sounding so transparent, flowing and abundant with ideas and thoughts! The calm and reassuring tone felt just as though you were here speaking to me in person.”

“Thank you very much for doing this reading for me. It has given me a bit of a boost as I was feeling very low when I requested it. I certainly feel a lot more buoyant about things now. I know the Universe will provide me with whatever is best for me and I have faith that everything will turn out for the best.”

“Thank you – for your wisdom, your encouragement, and for being the constant, gentle light which is guiding me through the dark hours until dawn.”

“Thank you very much my reading, I believe it resonates with me well and you’ve made me realise that I need to work on loving myself. But also there are good things to come so I feel hopeful. I felt your reading was professional and showed your genuine care for me the client.”

“I’ve never had such an accurate reading before.”

“Thank you so much. Your reading was eerily accurate.”

“Thank you SO MUCH for this reading Semele! It’s just what I needed and very much on point and accurate, and I really appreciate that you went into so much detail. You have really helped me a lot! Thanks again and many blessings.”

“I would like to express how accurate is your reading. I am totally amazed.”

“Thank you so much for your reading. You have given me much hope and not only your gift shines through your reading but also your personality. You have given me that bit of hope for positive change and a renewed since of faith that I am on the path of heart.. not survival. Please know that your positive and intuitive words have helped me so much!”


“You are no ordinary reader/healer. I knew the session was going to be deep and impactful and it truly was. I can feel my whole energy system is changing. You and I went to the core. And I know I could with you. Your work is the clearest of the clear. You are the clearest of the clear. And of the most beautiful energies too. Your voice is miraculous and in it I can hear tinkling bells, rhythms and codes. And the clarity of your voice is truly divine. It wasn’t a spirit release in the conventional shamanic meaning of the word. It was MY spirit release……releasing MY spirit into the world… into form.” Sue Barley

“I’m smiling more. I feel lighter. I got several energy downloads in the beginning of the week as well as information in words. I’m making new decisions, asking myself what is truly the best decision for me in each moment. So I’m making the shift to putting myself first and acting accordingly. I now feel that I am incorporating more support and protection in my own being instead of only receiving it from the outside. I’m consciously tuning into the resonance of a Powerful, Peaceful Presence living a Joy-filled life whenever I can and it feels amazing. Your work is SO valuable!!! Truly.” Irene

“For me, someone who has always had such a hard time meditating, I actually saw ‘things’ in my normal wakened state. I really appreciate that. It gives me hope with pursuing my spiritual path and finally succeed in sensing my own energy etc. It has also given me a desire to find out about my other past lives if possible.”

“Thank you so much,that’s so lovely and accurate and it means so much to me that you have done this work. God bless you, you are very clever and I don’t really know how to thank you enough.”

“Thank you for your clearing, healing & report. I have improvements this week. I have been going out a lot more than I had & feel overall more inspired. So thank you for your time & help, I will be in touch when I feel I can use more of your help from you.”

“Thank you for your work today Semele, I actually felt a shift in myself at about 8mins past 11. I have taken a step back emotionally now and your work today should now free us up individually to go on our own seperate life paths, this is my intention. Thank you so much for your help I will practise the meditation this week and be in contact at some point in the future if I can have any more work done, thank you once again.”


“It was wonderful to meet you on Saturday and my life seems at last to have a path and a purpose. Thank you.”

“Fell asleep straight away after last night’s meditation. Awoke at 4 but went straight back to sleep. This morning, feeling ‘all me’.”

“My ability to recognise and interpret extra sensory messages has developed tremendously.  This development has matured me as well and has changed my ability to protect myself when interacting with others. Thanks Semele.”

“I feel so clear and better. The pit of my stomach is a place where ‘stuff’ lingers and I feel upright and clear.”

 “Be yourself. Above all, let who you are, what you are, what you believe shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish.”
John Jakes