Spiritual workshops with Semele XerriIn my workshops the emphasis is on practical work and facilitating your own personal development through responsibility and experience – and, of course, fun! Places are limited so it’s always a good idea to book your place in advance.

Usually I teach from or near home in beautiful and sacred West Wales (Camarthenshire), but in the meantime if you want to organise a group and venue I will happily bring a Triple Moon workshop to you.

2021 workshops

Introduction to Tarot 2 Day Course: Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September, 10am to 4.30pm

A two day introduction to reading the Tarot intuitively, using any deck of your choice, for those who are completely new to the Tarot or who may have experimented with it for a while. This training is focused on giving you practical experience and aims to help you develop a working relationship with your favourite deck and improve your reading skills for yourself and others. The training includes two full day workshops based on my years of Tarot experience including teaching, meditations, practical exercises, a complete booklet of course notes, and ongoing development work to be completed at home in your own time. We look at:

  • The history and structure of the Tarot
  • The elements and the Tarot
  • Accessing your intuition and psychic ability
  • Working with the major arcana
  • Working with the minor arcana and the court cards
  • The process and principles of reading
  • Using spreads and putting it all together
  • Designing your own spreads

What you need: You will need to bring a Tarot deck of your choice (Rider-Waite based in structure is easiest to learn with), a journal or notebook in which to record your experiences and work, and a packed lunch. I’ll provide refreshments.

Fee: £100 for the two days. This may alter slightly according to numbers, to cover room hire.

To book: To book your place or to discuss arranging this workshop for a group, email me at or call me on 02921 253339.

Embodying the Sacred Feminine

A series of three day workshops, using the Celtic triple goddess template as a way to explore, heal and reclaim the fullness of the sacred feminine in its three aspects both personally and collectively. You can come to individual days, or book all three for a substantial discount.

Day 1: The light-bringer. Working with the spark of pure spirit consciousness that brings inspiration, higher wisdom and inner knowing – the crown chakra.

Day 2: The source of love and healing. Working with emotions and feelings to release blocks to unconditional love for self and others – the heart chakra.

Day 3: The creative darkness. Working with the wild and powerful energies of the womb, including sexuality – the sacral chakra.

Fee: £130 for the three days. To arrange this workshop email me at or call me on 02921 253339.

Tarot and Astrology Two Day Course

A two day introduction to using astrology to enhance and inform your your Tarot readings. you can use any deck of your choice, as long as it includes astrological symbols and references throughout the cards. We look at:

  • A brief history of astrology and the Tarot
  • Establishing a connection with your deck’s system
  • The zodiac signs
  • The planets
  • The astrological houses
  • Using astrology to add meaning
  • Using astrology for possible event timings
  • Using astrological charts alongside spreads

You will need to bring a Tarot deck of your choice, and a journal or notebook in which to record your experiences and work .

Fee: £90 for the two days. To arrange this workshop email me at or call me on 02921 253339.

Other available workshops

I can also, on request, run workshops on:

  • Past Lives
  • Crystals
  • Spiritual Development
  • Meditation
introduces you to the benefits of meditation and then leads you on an experiential walk around the Nature Trail. Learn how to experience the simple joy of truly being present in the moment, calm and unite the mind, body and spirit, and discern nature’s answers to your questions.