Audios & Videos

Free audios and videos from Semele Xerri

Enjoy these free audios and videos, all designed to help you develop your intuition and spiritual awareness, and enhance your wellbeing. I’ve also included one of my songs for you to listen to.

Energy management meditation

This meditation is a key tool for spiritual development and well-being. Deceptively simple, if done daily it helps you to stay grounded, centred and powerful in your own energy, no matter what is happening around you. It’s quick enough to fit into your busy routine, even if it’s during a lunch or coffee break at work.

Allow seven minutes to listen to the whole of this meditation.

Bedtime meditation for children

As a Mum, I know how much it can affect the whole family when children aren’t sleeping properly. This meditation is the perfect bedtime listening for children who find it hard to settle, have something challenging going on in their lives, or are afraid of the dark. That means you should get a better night’s sleep too!

This meditation lasts for about nine minutes.

Song – “Clarity”

This song was inspired by my love of acting, my spirituality, and my realisation that life is actually just like a play. It was co-written with my friend and musical genius Benjie Talbott who also arranged and recorded the music (and added his gorgeous backing vocals).


Here’s just a sample, but I add more videos regularly to my Youtube channel.