Current Moon Phase

In tune with the moon

Planning your life in harmony with the phases of the moon is a powerful practice that can dramatically ease your passage through life and boost your manifesting power as it brings you into alignment with the 7th cosmic ray. On this page you’ll always know where you are in the lunar cycle (UK time) and know what activities you should be focusing on.

New moon (the maiden):
The new moon symbolises the power of regeneration, rebirth and renewal. This is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts, planning new projects and re-creating yourself. What do you want to change in your life? What are your dreams? Now is the time to decide.
Full moon (the mother):
The full moon symbolises motherhood, nurturing and fulfillment. This is a time of fruitfulness when you realise your plans and experience the results of your efforts. Celebrate all that you have achieved and build on the solid foundations you have laid.
Waning moon (the crone):
The waning moon symbolises old age, the ability to understand the circle of life and the deep soul wisdom gained from experience. This is a time for recognising the natural end of a thing or the completion of a particular phase in your life – mourn its passing and gracefully let it go.
Dark moon (the crone):
The three day period of the dark moon symbolises the creative void and is full of psychic power. This is a time for rest and quiet listening to the deepest stirrings of your spirit, engendering the beginnings that will come with the next new moon.