Love bomb; a poem

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Love bomb; a poem by Semele Xerri

I was inspired to write this poem after listening to several friends express hurt over small things that nonetheless exploded their sense of self and confidence. I began to imagine creating the opposite with a love bomb! Simultaneously, I was attending an excellent online course by Trust the People, facilitating work with others in our neighbourhoods to shape our society into one that serves the needs of all. They have some excellent tools for overcoming the inevitable challenges that arise in human relating.

If you’d rather listen to this as a podcast, then play the Youtube video below. Otherwise, read on.

Love bomb

It’s very rarely the major events that do it.
Oh yes, they leave their devastating damage, don’t get me wrong;
The wars, the crime, the losses, the injustices.
But in my experience, widened by walking alongside those in pain,
That’s not the big why.
It’s the daily pinpricks that eventually bleed you dry,
Embed themselves like shrapnel in your psyche until it’s completely
Cold, hard, sharp;
Discharging the cumulative mushroom cloud that contaminates the
Living, giving tissue of your heart.
An unkind word, dismissive glance, thoughtless exclusion, brash assumption.
These are the deadliest dividers of relation,
Of feeling for and with another;
They shrivel, shrink and petrify a tender, mobile core.
If there must be heartbreak make it your own,
Cracked open to the light to see each time you dripped
A toxic microdose into a fellow soul.
A soul that sought belonging, longed for acceptance, ached for love.
A heart and soul, in fact, exactly like yours and mine.
And then recall the agonising fear of being ostracised, neglected, judged.
I have, I do, and I am sad and sore with sorrow.
You cannot know whether your vial inflicts the first, the hundredth
Or the final shot that slays the hope for humanity;
Mutating vibrant cells to cancerous cruelty, callous hate.
The banality of evil lurks in the careless, unaware shadows,
Less a bang than a whimper.
To live, the reverse, is to stride out into the clear,
Unashamedly and boldly vulnerable in love.
Now that is courage I can celebrate.
Alm yourself with a medicine bag of observance, no zip or clasp,
Abundant with ready remedies of empathy and understanding.
Dispense them freely, and with every conscious gesture seed peace.
All conflict is resolved, connection restored this way.
One day, one deed, one soothed and softened heart at a time.

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Semele Xerri

© Semele Xerri is a psychic intuitive guide, healer, animal communicator, and Reiki Healer / Master Teacher. To find out more about her and her services, go to her Work with me page.