Intuition is always right, it’s fear that leads you astray

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You know that thing where you feel something is absolutely right and you’ve seen such clear guidance about it, but then it doesn’t work out? Well this is about that, and I hope it encourages you not to doubt your intuition or lose faith in it.

It took us two and a half years to sell our house, during which I confess to impatience and frustration at times as I knew beyond doubt that my time in my current home was done and I was called to be elsewhere. Initially I believed I was to stay in Wales, but as the months went on I began to question that knowing because if that was true then why wasn’t it happening?

Needing to take a break from feeling rather stuck, and following my questioning train of thought, we decided to take our first trip to another area of the world I felt drawn to – Brittany. We fell head over heels in love with it as it had the same Celtic feel as Wales, with both stunning countryside and gorgeous coastline. To top it all off we stumbled across a town that had all the ingredients of our dream location. It was on the edge of an ancient faery-like woodland, it had access to miles of interesting footpaths among the trees and fascinating rock formations, and it seemed to have the kind of creative and alternative community that we would slot into well (rather than repeat myself you can read more about it in my blog post Timing and Intention). What’s more, we even spotted a tiny house for sale that we could easily see ourselves calling home.

Only a few weeks after returning, and a year after putting it on the market, we had an offer on our house! Yes, I thought, this is a sign that I’m on track and it’s all going to happen so we set about clearing and packing and pursuing our purchase of the Brittany house. A week before the proposed move date, the UK voted itself out of the European Union and our buyers pulled out. I was shocked and deflated, not least because it had all felt so right. I had been so very sure; how could I have been so wrong? This is when it would have been easy to throw all this intuition business out of the window, because maybe it was all just wishful thinking and imagining signs that weren’t really there but merely interpreted as such through the lens of powerful desire. Have you ever asked yourself these questions? It has to be a rare spiritual quester that hasn’t questioned their sanity at one time or another!

Given a bit of time, though, I sensed that I’d been protected. No one knew the ramifications for UK citizens once we’d withdrawn from the EU, the pound immediately dropped considerably against the euro, we’d identified possible challenges with running our businesses abroad, and our French was not fluent enough to socialise well immediately. Ok, I was prepared to admit, despite my disappointment, that maybe it was for the best.

West Wales


Fast forward a year, and although we were no nearer to selling our house, we’d had time to reflect and focus and were very clear on the desirability of the Brittany-type scenario transplanted to Welsh geography. Online, after months of not seeing anything interesting, I spotted the sweetest little cottage in West Wales. Small (we wanted to downsize), backing onto an ancient oak woodland with miles of footpaths, enough garden to give privacy and allow vegetable growing, just half an hour from the most spectacular coastline, near to a town with a reputation for creative and alternative lifestyles. Sounding familiar? You bet it was, only without the uncertainty and language barrier! But what about the rocks did I hear you say? Ah yes, thank you for reminding me. Well, the whole valley in which the house nestles is a rocky gorge and indeed the name of the hamlet when translated from the Welsh is “Valley at the head of the rock.”

It did seem rather too good to be true, and with no sign of a buyer I was aware that this little gem may be snapped up before we were in a position to buy it. However, a month later at the end of July we’d been in Pembrokeshire for a weekend trip in the van, and on the spur of the moment decided to view the cottage. Then at least, we reasoned, if we didn’t like it we could cross it off our list for the future. We loved it of course. The sun was beaming down, the owners were our kind of people, and lots of the neighbours were out and happy to chat to us positively about all the local information. When we were back home, I drew a Tarot card and it was…..The Star! I couldn’t have known just how obviously the stars would align to bless this move, and it kept me optimistic over the following weeks.

In mid October 2017 we finally received an acceptable offer on our house – cue a dance of utter relief and joy. On the new moon later that week, we raced down to West Wales for a second viewing of the cottage, during which we discovered that a few minutes’ walk from the front door was a permaculture trust and, miraculously in the middle of a very rural area, a pop-up restaurant that served vegan food. We put in an offer immediately on leaving. Two negotiating phone calls later on the drive back, and it was ours! Our mortgage meeting took place on Samhain (thank you ancestors for your help), completion was during the dark moon and we moved in on the new moon of December 18th, just three days before the Winter Solstice.

I wanted to share this story to restore your faith in the magic, if yours may be a little tested right now. To remind you that the best things really are worth waiting for, however long it takes, and to trust that the universe always has your highest good at heart because it’s simply responding to the signals of your soul. If you feel drawn and guided towards something, or a place or a person, then know that there is a reason, even if it or they are not destined to be yours or in your life in the way you first imagine. What I know is that my soul recognised in Brittany the kind of home it longed for, but the prevention of that plan helped me to understand that it needed to be in Wales which I already loved and where the ease of language meant I could carry on with all my favourite and beloved work and hobbies easily. The time it took to finally find our home enabled us to hone the clarity of our vision and to be absolutely sure of what we wanted, so when it appeared we were in no doubt at all. Looking back I can see that there were question marks before. Maybe it was just my own fear of being wrong about staying in Wales (referred to at the start) that led me on this slight detour, precisely so that I could find my way back to the sure path again.

Actually I want to beg your permission to go back in time for a moment because there’s a funny story about the brilliant and final confirmation of the “meant-to-be-ness” of it all. My partner George is open to all the work I do, but as a man he has that much more logical, sensible, business-like approach to everything. So when we drove down to see the cottage again in October, he gave me a talk about keeping cool and not appearing too excited or certain about wanting to buy it (yes, he knows me well). In the event, I was pretty impressively cool and to my surprise he was the one ignoring his own advice and gushing with enthusiasm, practically saying we’d have it on the spot! So in the end, rather perfectly in fact, it was George’s intuition in action – more rarely recognised and aired publicly than mine – that sealed the deal.

Triskele teapotIn a cosmic giggle sort of P.S to this story which I’m now writing six weeks later, we decided for eco reasons to switch from using tea bags to loose leaf, and so we were in need of a teapot. As is my habit, I sent out a thought for a lovely second-hand teapot the night before my hunt in the nearest town, and guess what? Sitting in the local charity shop was a lovely-shaped, two mug-sized teapot with my favourite triskele symbol featured on it. Only when I got it home and washed it did I find the mark on the bottom declaring it was made in Brittany, and that it also featured the ermine symbol as well as the triskele which are both cultural emblems of Brittany. So here we are, living a West Wales life with a soupcon of Brittany. This is the magic we weave, always with a healthy dose of laughter.

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