Strumble Head

Posted on Jul 25, 2018 in Poetry

Strumble HeadWe seem to drift out onto the water,
Towed by our gaze to anchor on the thin horizon.
Our stationary vessel nestled on the clifftop like some overgrown gull,
A modern-day crowsnest for these land-locked sailors.
Surrounded by a second sea of long-stemmed grasses that dip their heads in prayer,
Bending their ears to the mild-mannered breeze.
The ocean slate smooths out before us,
Unscratched by the elements who aren’t scribing tonight.
I sigh in the stillness, becalmed and content, and yet…
And yet…
Beyond the soothing silence I’m whirled into a wild wormhole,
When the roar and the crash, splinter and crack, the groan and the shrieks
Drowned the voices and forms of our forebears,
Snagged on its needle-sharp teeth, sucked into maesltrom’s salivating maw.
As the watchtower widens its eye to throw a searching glance overhead,
I wonder if those struggling souls clutch at its speed of light sight.
Do they glimpse the flash of salvation while I hear their dying pleas for it?
Like the grasses I bend my head in awe and blaze that bright beam for them,
Casting my hope-woven rope,
Charting safe passage to Home’s harbour and voyage end.

As well as being able to read the timelines of places I visit, I also carry out spirit release work where necessary, helping those souls who have become stuck on the astral planes to reach the other side safely. There are many other aspects to this work which you can read more about here: Spirit Release 

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Semele Xerri

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