Spirit Release

Spirit release work with Semele Xerri

What is spirit release?

Spirit release work encompasses many different techniques, and addresses all issues of mind, body and spirit.

I use relaxation and visualisation to gently remove anything that is interfering with your spirit’s free expression.This could be anything from spirit or entity attachment, emotional or physical trauma, through to disturbing memories or negative belief systems. Then we work together to restore your spirit to wholeness and health according to your individual needs. This may include, for example, inner child work, sub-personality integration, or soul retrieval.

Spiritual emergency

Spirit release work is extremely helpful during times of spiritual emergency, which is when someone experiences a sudden spiritual opening and expansion which shifts their perception of themselves and the world. Among other things, a spiritual emergency can be triggered by illness, an accident, childbirth, prolonged lack of sleep, the loss of a loved one or a divorce. The symptoms of spiritual emergency (which may include disturbing visions, physical tremors and energy surges, an overwhelming influx of seemingly strange insights) are distressing for the person experiencing them and those around them and can sometimes be mis-diagnosed as mental illness. With understanding and non-judgemental support, a spiritual emergency can be safely worked through to an integrative and deeply healing completion. Obviously if you do have any concerns about your mental health you should consult your doctor.

Sometimes, one session is enough to address a specific problem but further sessions may be required where there is more than one issue or if there are multiple attachments. In these cases we have to take time to work through all the layers, although I always move as quickly as possible while ensuring you remain safe and stable. I am a fully accredited and trained member of the Spirit Release Forum.