The life cycle of stars

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Here’s my poem inspired by the life cycle of stars, which for me echoes the incarnation of the limitless light of the soul into the density of a human body: as above so below. I love gazing up at the night sky, and I’m lucky that we live in a place of low light pollution so they’re often astonishingly clear (when the Welsh rainclouds are taking a night off anyway)! I think that at a cellular level, literally, we recognise our origins out there in the vast expanse and we gain a sense of belonging, hope, and perspective through seeing our place in this cosmic context.

The life cycle of stars

As you are the stuff of stars then you must shine
In a form intuitive and clear,
Regardless of the timespan of your burning
Or the space you illuminate,
Velocity at which you burn the fuel of your core
Or the peculiar hue of your empirical glow.
A star is born from collapse;
Re-member that when you sense the swirl
Of cloud and dust unsettling around you,
Or the crushing pressure of burdens too great.
Just as a coal scrap compresses to a jewel,
The veiled dark matter of your being
Ignites to light and steady heat.
You are embodied luminosity.
And when life shrinks the very heart of you,
Know your spirit pushes further,
Reaches wider than it ever has before.
Long after you are cold your plasmic presence
May kindle the shadow of a life
Somewhere you have never even heard of,
In outlandish settings and inalienable ways.

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