A Thrutopian evocation; the way through

Posted on Jun 8, 2022 in Poetry, Spiritual living, Uncategorized

Animal communication with Semele Xerri

As an essential aspect of my grounded spiritual work, I’m passionate about living in harmony with the more than human world. I’m currently on a journey with other writers called Thrutopia, in which we’re investigating how we can write a path to a flourishing future. Our media is flooded with dystopian visions because in these challenging times of climate change and social disruption it’s just too easy to imagine a disastrous future.

Occasionally we’re presented with a seemingly impossible Utopia, a perfect future which exists somewhere so far ahead in time we just can’t conceive how we might arrive at this fantastical destination.

What humanity needs right now, as writer and creator of the Thrutopia course Manda Scott says, is a deluge of believable Thrutopias. Imaginative books, stories, films, songs, plays, and TV programmes which gift us with a clear vision of exactly how we can make our way through to that better world we yearn to leave to future generations.

I adore the imaginative arts and I’ve been engaged with them as audience and performer all my life. I’ve often found it depressing when I’m looking for something to read, watch, or listen to. It can feel like I’m drowning in an endless array of murder, social decay, violence, and heartless destruction. So, knowing the power of words to summon and call forth what is longed for, I’m beginning with this simple (but so much more than a) poem. I’m inspiring us all not to avoid the undoubted upheaval and challenges ahead, but with trust in humanity’s proven potential and with active hope in our hearts, to know that we might find a way through – together.


Spell it out and murmur magic,
Plant the path tangential to
The barren burial boulevard;
Not under, and Thru.

Stir the folk to flock together,
Blend them in a nourishing brew.
Stream this panacea of power
Not over, and Thru.

Mirror nature’s balanced systems,
All That Is sustain, renew.
Spiral forth the web of life;
Not around, and Thru.

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Semele Xerri

© Semele Xerri is a psychic intuitive guide, healer, animal communicator, and Reiki Master Teacher. To find out more about her and her services, go to her Work with me page.