Earth star; as above so below

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Earth star; as above so below

The earth star chakra sits somewhere between six and eighteen inches below your feet, and when fully activated it anchors and aligns your energetic body into the core energies of the earth, for the grounding, harmony and nourishment of your physical being. At the same time it aligns you with cosmic energies, empowering you to feel and see the truth of yourself as part of a vast unified consciousness.

The phrase “as above, so below” really hit home for me during my travelling years. Back in 2013/14 I went on an eighteenth month pilgrimage of ancient and sacred sites in the UK, living and working in a camper van.

You can read about what triggered this sacred craziness in my article The Big Idea. When I spent time meditating and contemplating in stone circles, next to burial chambers, in the centre of hill forts, alongside standing stones, I always received a stream of information about the energy in that space and its relevance to our human growth and evolution. I was recording that information carefully at the time because I’d been guided to perform a new moon ritual every month at many of those sacred sites, transmitting the energy and wisdom to anyone who was interested in receiving it.

Over a period of a few weeks early on in this life-changing journey, I noticed that within a couple of days of recording each intuitive download, I would hear exactly the same information being shared by my favourite astrologer in his weekly report. Only he was explaining it according to the relationships between the current planetary positions in the signs and houses of the zodiac. What I knew with absolutely clarity was that by grounding myself deeply into the earth in these places of powerful earth energy, I had opened myself up to the potent wisdom reflected in the patterns of the universe. There was a direct correlation between the two, and as I intentionally deepened my connection to one I had unexpectedly strengthened my relationship with the other.

Our ancestors knew this in a visceral way. All they had to do was observe the night sky; and they had plenty of time to do that in the absence of social media and television! I remember the heart-stopping moment I arrived in pitch darkness to begin my new moon ritual at the feet of the Long Man of Wilmington, only to see the star giant Orion blazing brilliantly with his feet almost touching the summit of the hill on which the chalk figure stood! I was genuinely overcome with awe at this bright symmetry of heaven and earth.

This was “as above, so below” in action in practical action. Modern science would now seem to support this ancient wisdom, in the discovery of quantum entanglement and non-locality in experiments on light photons. Essentially, when a pair of entangled particles from a photon are separated in space, they remain intrinsically connected and effectively act as a single object. Any change imposed on one of the particles is simultaneously displayed and measurable in the other, no matter how great the distance between them (see

This is pretty mind-blowing if you think about it. Especially when you realise that the latest data reveals that the majority of the stardust from which the base elements of our bodies are made is extra-galactic. And a small amount of that originates from the estimated beginning of the universe 13.8 billion years ago! This makes total sense of our ability to tap into any epoch from the present moment in time. How many different ancient wisdom traditions refer to “light” as the carrier and storehouse of spirit and wisdom, and describe our soul journey as building and strengthening our light body so we can move ever deeper into “enlightenment”?

I’ve recently started training formally in astrology, to build on my intuitive sensing of that connection between earth and the greater context of the cosmos. My sense is that our growing understanding of cosmic patterns and cycles, and how these impact our ascending earth, is going to be more and more helpful in guiding human co-creation with Source. I’m going to be using astrology to inform my readings and healing work. Each of us, as mapped out in our astrological birth charts, is a differentiated, unique expression of the same incredible cosmic hologram. We’re all entangled particles; none of us exists in isolation, and what we do to any other living being we also do to ourselves. When we can truly understand and appreciate that, then we’ll be seeing the realms of heaven and earth (and all the many dimensions in between) as they truly are – one and the same within the life and breath of cosmic consciousness.

“That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing.”
Hermes Trismegistus

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