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Posted on Mar 6, 2013 in Spiritual living

Motorhome adventureTowards the end of 2012 and the beginning of this year I was guided to just sit in the void during meditation, to abstain from active techniques and just to be deeply present. It felt like I was allowing space and time for something life-changing and radical to germinate but I had no idea what.

One of the things that came up for me personally during this time was my overwhelming sense of responsibility and duty. I never took a gap year when I finished school and so had gone straight from there to further education, to marriage and work and then to children. Several years as a single mum had made me incredibly independent and self-sufficient, but also turned me into a bit of a one-woman machine who tried to be everything to everyone!

What I lovingly refer to as my “void time” gave me the opportunity to observe myself and be aware of a recurring pattern, which showed me clearly that I was voluntarily taking on responsibility in all sorts of areas of my life while my soul was actually crying out to let go and have more freedom. This was manifesting both physically and emotionally as incurably itchy feet, restlessness, anger at “irresponsible” free spirits (ah the shadow!) and sometimes an uncharacteristic irritation whenever I felt obligated. Even my hobbies had a tendency to turn into serious, long-term commitments which began to seem like just another form of work!

I had also recently found myself in the unusual situation of watching both my strong, independent sons fly the nest to pursue their further education at the early age of 16. They were able to go to their Dad’s where more options were on offer, and I was thrilled for them but….well, you know! There were no restrictions on what I could do or where I could go for the first time in 18 years, and deep down I was craving an adventure. It was exciting and terrifying all at once.

Taking this to its logical conclusion in conversation with my partner George, we decided that it was a good time to sell the house and make a new start – but where? We really didn’t know. And that’s when the big idea hit us. Why don’t we rent out the house and spend a year or two motor-homing around the UK and Europe to see where we’d like to settle? Completely unintentionally but rather wonderfully, both of us work mostly through the phone or Internet so it doesn’t matter where we are physically as long as we have a decent wireless connection.

The more we thought about it, the more we both loved it and any time I checked in with my intuition I got a huge thumbs up. It’s always nice to receive external confirmation though, and this time it came in the form of astrologer Steve Judd. Just a couple of days after first playing with our motorhome idea, I went for a new year reading with him and after explaining that the planets supported me experimenting for a couple of years with no firm commitments he actually said, “Why don’t you get a camper van and set off round the world?” What a brilliant idea Steve!

So, there you have it. We’re hoping to set off around September time and are now busily researching the right trusty vehicle. Have I ever been in a motorhome before? No. Do I know anything about it? I’ll learn fast. Am I crazy? Very possibly, but then as I’ve said before, there’s no creative without a dash of crazy. So I’m saying yes to the universe, yes to letting go of who I think I am, and yes to fully claiming my freedom to be the real me.

I’ll carry on working over the phone, Skype and email as usual during the trip, but also post where I’m going to be on my website and Facebook. I’d love to meet up with clients old and new in my mobile home/office or at their homes, appear at lots of different Mind, Body, Spirit events, and even run some workshops and retreats. So if you’d like to work with me but thought mid Wales was too far to come, I will almost certainly be at a venue near you sometime in the next year or so – watch this space and get in touch!

I’ll be writing about the personal and spiritual aspects of the preparation and then the trip itself here in my blog, as I see this phase of my life very much as a pilgrimage, a journey that is necessary for the growth and flourishing of my soul. At least I can say, and my clients can see, that I do practice what I preach!

P.S. My partner George, being the man, is writing a more practical blog as we research and then apply the everyday realities of being full time motor-homers. You can find it here:

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