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Ancient Celts

I know there’s still a very long to go, but since the Autumn Equinox I’ve felt and witnessed a strong upsurge of creative, innovative energy. So many new projects, organisations, collaborations, and community enterprises leaping into life. It’s not going to change things overnight but it’s giving my natural optimism and faith in the future a welcome boost.

I watched a TV programme yesterday by a historian who was comparing the impact and effects of the Black Death, a pandemic which ravaged Europe during the medieval period (and indeed on and off through to the 19th century).

It killed an estimated one third of the total population of Europe at its height, and it led to dramatic social change, due largely to the poorest and most unfairly treated members of society finding the confidence to demand fair treatment. It was interesting to hear that the Plague arrived in the midst of existing extreme hardship as a result of dramatic climatic changes and mass famine. It does sound rather familiar doesn’t it? It gives me comfort that if we made it through something so much worse back then when we were far less aware and equipped to manage it, it’s more than likely we can do so again. And I think most of us would agree that radical social and cultural change is more than overdue!

I’ve never been able to get behind the vision of an instant shifting into a kind of fifth dimensional, ethereal paradise that some spiritual teachings speak about. It rather misses the point of being in body on this planet, and we can achieve non-physical perfection instantly whenever we want by simply returning to Spirit (as I notice many souls are choosing to do over the last year or so). No, my inner voice has always insisted that the wonder and joy of awakening consciousness is going to be in the practical work. What I hope we’ll be doing over the next five years is understanding and learning how to create an infrastructure that puts spiritual values at the heart of everything that supports all physical life on earth. Economics, governance, education, entertainment, work, food production, community life, and environmental care, all need to be dismantled, scrutinised and carefully rebuilt with the well-being of all life (not just a privileged elite from one species) at the centre. What we need to do is rediscover humanity’s place in the web of life. I do believe it’s possible, and the opportunity to be a part of that feels tremendously exciting and compelling.

To return to that TV programme and its backward glance at history. I have for many years now believed that we need to revisit and reconnect with our more ancient past to retrieve some essential truth we’ve lost, forgotten, or abandoned in our race to evolve. Personally, I’ve been searching for it through connecting deeply to the earth, moving away from consumerism, visiting the many prehistoric stone circles, rows, monoliths, and burial chambers that punctuate our landscape with the sacred. More recently I’ve been learning Welsh (see my post Language as a Vision of Life) and searching through the oldest texts I can find relating to the Celtic people, who according to the most current research are believed to be indigenous to the British Isles and the Western-most coast of Europe (not migrants from central Europe as was previously presumed). It appears to me that our Celtic Bronze Age ancestors accepted unquestionably their place in the web of life, and how crucial it was to remain in right relationship to the earth and the cosmic laws of balance. The spiritual was embedded at the heart of everyday life, as was honouring the ancestors without whom they recognised they would not even exist and whose wisdom they perceived could ensure that they and their descendants continued to thrive.

It’s this and more that we’ve forgotten. As we approach the Celtic festival of Samhain on October 31st, traditionally a time to honour and welcome the presence of the ancestors at the turning of another year, I invite you to look back and see what valuable knowledge you can recover in your lineage that will help to shape a more generative future. It has to be now; it’s never been clearer. We thrived as a species for many thousands of years in harmony with the earth and it’s only relatively recently in the game that we’ve endangered both our own and the planet’s natural health and abundance. In an ancestral sense we still have time on our side, but only just.

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