Descension; a poem

Posted on Sep 21, 2020 in Poetry, Uncategorized

Artist's palette

I meet the sighing sink and settle,
Restless Spirit recalls home and
Burrows deep in fleshy pillow, hollow bone.
A daily Autumn turn to inner dark
Of neutral nothingness yet everything,
Where I can know entirety of self
With unreserved honesty and love.
Deep Mother’s arms encircling me
And all my fears, my nightmares, hates,
My still unconscious, unfelt hurts.

Her tender crooning singing out the string
And sting of being in this world,
Or fiercely grinning as She holds
A casual flame to mouldering piles
Of rotting fruitlessness, set hopefully
Upon a gilded plate.
My soul a fresh-stretched canvas, bare.
Then and not before, however wished,
Can artful fingers brush a blush
Of rosy light across the black.
The incandescence Springs until the
Undamned Spirit’s rush and tumble
Bursts imagined banks,
Dissolves all solid lines and edges,
Waxes crazy, crayoning of soul,
That threshes out a messy masterpiece
In bold chromatic sweeps.
It’s a circadian art, to reconceive myself.

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Semele Xerri

© Semele Xerri is a psychic intuitive guide, healer, animal communicator, and Reiki Master Teacher. To find out more about her and her services, go to her Work with me page.