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Fire crackling through my veins so I bristle to leave
The hearth stone cold,
Abandon home.
No sustaining cauldron of richly bubbling stew to nourish
Starving mouths and bones that crave flesh.
I stir secretly that fire behind things,
Seen only in fleeting shadows that flare and flicker and then reform so they wonder if that glare
Was really there or just
A trick of the light,

A lie of the dark.
I crave the backward blast of rocket engines and the forward thrust of open furnace doors,
A razor blaze so sharp there are no edges.
Burn it all down
Burn it all
Burn it
Would I know desolation in
Softly smouldering ashes and crisp blistered skin,
Fierce loss and cold regret?
Or would my blackened lips crack
A smoking smile at no thing left
But a pure spark
Catching a life?

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Semele Xerri

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