The Gift

Posted on Dec 3, 2018 in Poetry

The Gift by Semele XerriI wrote this poem a week ago as a stream of consciousness exercise after some inner journeying which involved listening to poetry read aloud during a sacred women’s circle. It poured out of me after a particularly busy few weeks that had been dominated by my “adult” responsibilities, and I realised in this beautiful breathing space that my inner playful child was feeling woefully neglected. It seemed appropriate for this time of year, too, when we find ourselves thinking about other kinds of presents.


I just need to know how to pay attention.
To follow wherever that attention leads,
From the vast expanse of the ageless skies
To the pinching jaws of a grasshopper.
Pay attention with all my heart, with all my love,
With all kindness.
It doesn’t matter what I see,
It matters how I feel.
I feel matter.
Every molecule within my intricate frame a buzzing
Vibrant motion of energy perception.
Each vibration its own colour and resonance:
Rainbow after rain,
Calm before the storm,
Relentless snow weighing down iron-heavy clouds.
Each moment is so full, so rich.
I will not miss it.
I will not miss myself and my precious gift of life.
It is a gift that I choose to unwrap.
I will not get distracted by the first shiny object, but hunt
For every undiscovered treasure in the darkest corners of that box.
I will play with everything, not getting tired or bored,
Or forgetting the gift box, allow it to gather dust under my childhood bed.
I will brush off the cobwebs
And begin every story with a “Once upon a time.”
I will spin out every moment of my time.


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Semele Xerri

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