Holy communion

Posted on Jun 25, 2018 in Poetry

Nature's church at Loch TynSoft spikes of pink yearning toward the sun.
Floral spires raise my eyes and soul to Source,
Their silent bells still sonorous and deep
As the playful breeze turns campanologist.
This is my church. I worship here and now at
The high altar of nature, beneath a vaulted nave
Of heavenly blue and angel-feathered sky.
The fronding ferns pillow my knees, homier than any hassock
As they bend and bow in mutual awe.
The holy sea whispers prayers and scatters blessings
Through foamy fingers and a generous wave.
I am all of it at once, I am a tiny part of it,
Aware of effortless expanse and pinprick presence
In the same breath, inhaling and exhaling
With time and tide, planetary pulse, universal mushroom
Billowing out and into cosmic space,
Sustaining the dark matter of my body
As I drop back into Mother’s lap,
Am lifted onto Father’s shoulders.
Drunk on Spirit and with leavened senses
I give myself, All That I Am, as sacrament to the world.

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Semele Xerri

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