Posted on May 24, 2018 in Poetry

Vulnerable heartWhen we wore skins close to our skin, clothed in danger faced and overcome,
When darkness meant crouching at cave-fire smoke screens from ravenous roars and biting cold,
Did we bare souls to each other beside our visceral vulnerability?
Were our hearts as wildly wide as uncertainty of being?
Is it brick box borders and interminable light
That have shaped us to shun the shaky and unsure?
Is bulletproof a modern melody?
Or did we praise impervious to spear and arrow even then?
I wonder when we learned to hold our kind at bay as fiercely as our predators,
Who drew first blood and why.
No matter, it was done.
But here and now I go shield-shy,
I wear my fragile heart on my gossamer sleeve
And welcome loss and pain and grief as warmly to my hearth
As more congenial company.
I may shatter, crack and splinter but my open fire
Will forge the malleable mettle of compassion and understanding.

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Semele Xerri

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