Crafting ripples on the water

Posted on Feb 9, 2017 in Healing, Spiritual living

Quan Yin of the watersI read a wonderful article recently about the different ways we can respond to the need for change we see around us in the world, and how each approach is just as valuable and indeed essential (you can read Sharon Blackie’s article here: Resistance: the Mythos and the Logos). As energy and lightworkers, which is what we are as soon as we are conscious of our spiritual self, we can do so much as individuals at a time when it’s all too easy to feel powerless. As well as any other action we may choose to take, we can simply live and be in a way that embodies our values and priorities – we can hold the space for the necessary change.

At the end of last summer I was working closely with the energy of the goddess Quan Yin who is often depicted as pouring out the healing waters of life, love, compassion and peace – qualities I’m sure we can all hear and feel the planet crying out for more of. I was reminded of a legend that had lodged in my mind regarding the nearby Mount Pumlumon (Plynlimon in the Anglicised name). The story goes, according to Liam Rogers:

“High in the Black Mountains, on the windswept slopes of Mount Plynlimon, three sisters met to discuss the weighty problem of what was the best way to the sea – for, being water spirits, they were fond of the oceans. The first decided to take the direct route, and headed westward. She became the river Ystwith, and was the first to mingle with salty waters. The second sister had a taste for landscape, and made her way through purple hills and golden valleys – her name was Wye. The remaining sister decided against short-cuts and it took her 180 miles to reach the sea. The Severn, it appears, wished to visit all the fairest cities of the kingdom and never stray far from the haunts of men.”

Pumlumon FawrThe goddess was asking me to go up on the mountain and work at the source of these symbolic three rivers to assist the return and rise of sacred feminine power and influence in the world. l wasn’t exactly sure what that would entail, but I’m pretty good at trusting my intuition to inspire me in the moment so I didn’t let that stop me making plans. Luckily there is a lovely and clearly marked walking trail setting off from the Hafren Forest on the slopes of the mountain and leading all the way up to the source of the River Severn. It felt like a pilgrimage heading up the steeply climbing path, armed with sustenance to keep us going for the several hours of walking. The summit of Pumlumon is the highest point in mid-Wales and rather than being a peak, it is actually a wild and barren plateau with spectacular panoramic views. Local folklore says a giant sleeps in the mountain, and once you’re up there it’s easy to imagine him snoring undisturbed beneath the spacious wilderness.

I had already followed with great interest the work of Masaru Emoto who has documented extensively the ease with which emotional vibrations and intentions can be imprinted on water, which is a powerful conductor. Emoto was a Japanese author, researcher, photographer and entrepreneur, who claimed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. The photographic results of his experiments are extraordinary and incredibly moving (you can see some here). So I knew that my intention for this water, the fact that the Severn is the longest river in England, passing through or close to many towns and cities and is an internationally important source of domestic water, all added up to the ability for me to exert a far-reaching, positive influence on my home island.

Source of the Severnl set my intention to work with all three rivers but I was seated right next to the reachable source of the Severn as a focal point. I simply grounded securely to the earth, connected in with my divine self, and one by one attuned to the words love, compassion and peace, feeling them fully resonate within my mind, heart and body before running them into the water in front of me. I visualised those vibrations flowing along with the water through the land of Wales and England, into all the people who saw, drank or touched it and moving out from the river to merge with the oceans of the world. There was no one around to break my focus (apart from George and Finn who are used to my meditative moments and keep respectfully quiet!) so I sat in this blissful channelling until I felt completion. When I opened my eyes I was greeted by the sight of two iridescent dragonflies hovering directly in front of me, cojoined in a mating flight. It was such a significant signal for me, of transformation achieved and beautiful intentions blessed with fruitful dissemination.

A couple of months later we were travelling to Glastonbury and passing the signs for Weston-Super-Mare I had a sudden urge to walk on the beach. Despite living not too far away as a child I’d never been, and it was a sunny afternoon. It wasn’t until we’d been wandering happily for an hour that I realised where I was – I was at the place where the river Severn flows into the sea! As I smiled a blessing on the waves at my feet, I understood that I had been guided here to complete a magical process and flow that required me to visit both source and mouth of this vital river.

Only yesterday as I decided to write about this, an article popped up on my Facebook feed indicating an unprecedented rise in the recorded levels of Schumann resonance (you can read the full article here). This is an extremely low frequency in the electromagnetic field spectrum of the earth which many believe can be impacted by human consciousness, since the Schumann frequency is said to be “in tune” with the human brain’s alpha and theta states. So no matter how small you may feel or how little significance you may attach to your prayers, your intentions and your heart-felt wishes for the world, know this. These things are just a fraction of the personal magic you’re capable of, and your practical weaving of it creates discernible and even measurable results. You are a co-creator god/goddess my friend, and it’s time to play that role for all you’re worth.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

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