Posted on Oct 30, 2015 in Poetry

Samhain poemThe moon and the pumpkin are aglow,
Faces of enigmatic mystery
Suffusing shadows with luminous smiles
As a lure to the liminal.
Draw near to the far
They urge,
Draw near to the far.
And I do,
With respect, and awe, and wonder,
And the sweet offering of Self.
My quieting mind, my questing heart
Part the veil easily.
Time and space cease to be
As I merge and expand
Mingle and open
Rapt in silken swathes of fae,
Elemental, ancestral, dimensional
One-ness and all-ness.
Breathing through boundaries,
Perceiving past reason,
The Samhain spark flares to warm
The hearth of all of me
That is all of them
And more.

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Semele Xerri

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