Don’t hold back the river

Posted on Sep 6, 2015 in Poetry

River weedDon’t hold back the river.
Tug me into the current,
Tow me into the flow,
Show me the float and drift.

Don’t hold back the
Tempt and tangle of riverbed tendrils,
Sirensong whispers.
The fret to fight free.

Don’t hold back.
Tumble and pummel me rapidly,
Roll and bowl me in dizzy

Don’t hold,
But smash against the rocks.
Attune me to attrition,
Erode every edge.
Fire me over the falls,
Drop me down heart-
Stopping, breath-taking plunges
Way over my head,
Out of my depth,
Land-lost and river-wracked.
And when the salted mouth questions,
“Shall I stop?”
Hear well, Llyr, my plea,


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Semele Xerri

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