On painting my healing room

Posted on Jun 26, 2015 in Poetry

Healing room

When I moved back into my house I tried to tidy up the scrapes on the walls of my healing room with tester pots, but ended up having to repaint everything. This poem was inspired by that experience.


My mind soaks up the stroke of brush,
Where Dawn approaches Spring.
Focused, barren of music or speech,
In a meditation of tint and intent.
“New energy needs a new coat,”
The phrase rings in my head as I robe
The smudges of patchy restoration
With fresh pigment.
“New wine in old wineskins,”
I ponder.

At the changing of the colour,
A pause……
Cradling coffee, my heart expands
In love and gratitude for this space,
My base in this space,
The souls that grant its grace.
Breathe out.

On completion, I start at droplets
Of turquoise smattered across lilac.
The imperfection is corrected
In an instant, instantly.

My fitful eye lights on a clumsy smear,
Poised to react and refine
Until I hear it.
The cosmic giggle ripples roundly.
I step back, smiling,
Brushed off.
I am entire,
For now.
This masterpiece is always a work in progress.

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Semele Xerri

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