Multidimensional – what does it mean?

Posted on Mar 18, 2015 in Healing, Spiritual living

Multidimensional consciousnessMultidimensional reality and multidimensional consciousness have been much talked about in spiritual circles for a while now, so I thought it would be good to try to explain it and say something about what that means for us, and how we can make the best use of our awareness of it.

Essentially, there are many planes of existence above and below this physical one that we know as human life, and these planes are called dimensions. Each dimension has a different set of laws and principles by which it operates, specific to the vibratory frequency of that dimension. So life forms may look completely alien, communication methods are varied and so on.

If you’re finding this hard to imagine, picture a CD or even your iPod. On your iPod you have thousands of songs from lots of artists, and they’re there all the time but usually you’re only aware of the one track you’ve chosen to listen to at that particular moment. However, while you’re listening to one song, you know that all the others are still there and available to tune in to whenever you want. Dimensions are very like that; they’re present all the time but usually we’re only aware of the one we’re focused on which is the third dimension, where the physical world, the world of matter and we as humans, exist.

Even if you’re not actively pursuing a spiritual life, you can often get an unexpected taste of one of the infinite number of dimensions that exist alongside ours. It’s a little like your CD jumping, or your iPod suddenly going into a random shuffle and you find yourself listening to a different part of the song or even another one entirely! It usually happens when your awareness is at its most unguarded and open, when the logical, conscious mind is off duty, such as in a very relaxed state, in that halfway station between asleep and awake, or when you’re feeling truly transported and lifted up by something you’re experiencing.

I have a few examples. In a dream one night I had the weirdest experience where I was walking along in a normal-looking town, when suddenly I came to a kind of intersection. At that point, the town continued vertically up in front of me, at rightangles to where I was, and there were strange, giant beings moving around in those streets (and not falling off as it looked like they should do!).

On a particularly warm and beautiful day while out walking my dog Finn, my vision suddenly shifted. Just for a minute, everything around me went sort of hazy and I was aware of the most vivid fluorescent colours around me, incredibly bright pink and green. On another occasion I was driving to a friend’s house through a narrow tree-lined lane, one of those where the trees curve right over so that you’re driving down a leafy tunnel. As I proceeded, I had a strange sensation of time shifting and I wasn’t at all sure where or when I was going to be when I came out the other side! I believe these are all examples of times of my awareness expanding to include one of the many dimensions that exist alongside ours.

In other dreams, I am “me” and feel like me as I am here but at the same time not quite, and I’m living a very different life with people I don’t know and in places I’ve never been.

At this very special time, we’re moving into the fifth dimension. Here, our consciousness is not bound by linear time and space, and there is no illusion of separation or limitation. Rather, there is a constant experience of the oneness of All That Is. So now, the boundaries between dimensions can be crossed more easily by anyone willing to be open to the possibilities. We are multidimensional beings, and the physical life we’re experiencing in the third dimension is not the only life we’re living! According to the teaching of The Group channelled through Steve Rother, your soul splits into twelve aspects that incarnate into different bodies in different dimensions at the same time. So there are several yous living very varied lives, struggling with diverse problems and excelling in a myriad of ways. Where one of you is lacking, another is strong, and where one of you is unsure another has unshakeable certainty. So you could actually help yourself, by exchanging knowledge with yourself. This could be the explanation of some of my dreams, certainly, and is a fascinating idea! You also have your Higher Self, of course, the aspect of you that remains in the Spirit dimension with access to limitless understanding.

More and more of us are having the kind of experiences I’ve described, but what does this mean? How can we work with this knowledge to help ourselves and the world?

As a healer, one of the most exciting aspects of accessing multidimensional consciousness is that we can heal wounds and release limiting beliefs from the soul much more easily and effectively. All our lives, past, present, future, and parallel, are accessible to us in this moment and so we can move directly to the source or root of a problem, wherever it is, and release the pain that’s holding it in place. I use the present tense because in reality all these dimensional experiences are happening right now. It’s such an exciting thought (and still a little mind-blowing for me, even after years of helping clients to do just this through my healing sessions).

In the same way, we can access and bring into our human consciousness the wisdom, gifts and skills that we possess or are aware of in these other dimensions. There is never any situation in which you have to feel alone, lacking, or unable to find an answer, because you can simply focus within yourself and reach into any dimension for the exact quality or knowledge you need. If you accept that we are all one, then any healing you do for yourself, any power and responsibility that you reclaim for yourself, you also gift the benefit of that to all living beings. Your conscious act reverberates throughout humanity, the earth, the galaxy, the universe, the cosmos and whatever exists beyond.

The more tangible presence of other dimensions also means it’s impossible for anyone to maintain the illusion of humans as separate, existing in isolation to all that surrounds us. Everyone, as a child if not as an adult, has sensed in some way the beings that exist in the natural world, whether it’s the presence of faeries, an awareness of the life force in a tree, or amazement at the delightful deva of design that overlights a particularly beautiful nature spot. All these beings live in dimensions close to and intertwined with our own, and our wellbeing on our home planet depends on their wellbeing; we are just one of the variety of cells in Gaia’s living organism and we must play our part in keeping her healthy.

Remember that we’re far more than we can possibly imagine, we have access to all the wisdom, support and power we need if we’re open to looking for it with multidimensional eyes, and everything we think, say and do has an impact that reaches far beyond the confines of our physical bodies. Can we create heaven on earth? You bet we can!

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