Tough love – the truth about healing

Posted on May 20, 2013 in Healing, Spiritual living

Healing with Semele Xerri of Triple MoonI’m getting tougher with my healing clients. No less loving and compassionate, but definitely tougher. It’s got something to do with the energy past the 2012 portal, it’s got a really no-nonsense, let’s just get on with this properly kind of edge to it!

The truth is that healers do not “do healing”; we hold the space and offer our knowledge of tools and techniques so that the client can heal themselves. But a client has to want to heal, to choose to heal, and that means that they have to be prepared to let go of everything that’s holding them in that unwell space.

There are many reasons why you may be blocking your own healing (and I’m talking about at all levels here, not just the physical, so dis-ease means spiritual, emotional or mental disharmony too). Here are just a few examples:

  • Your dis-ease gets you sympathy or attention
  • You’ve lived so long with a dis-ease that it’s become who you are
  • You have no idea, or are scared, about what life would be like without it
  • You use the dis-ease as an avoidance tactic
  • You blame your own weaknesses or fears on the dis-ease
  • You may believe on some level that you deserve to be unwell
  • Some part of you may not understand that you are free to choose your experience
  • Having this issue relieves you of responsibility for yourself and/or your life

An easy way to assess where you are with your healing and whether you’re truly ready for it is to ask yourself when was the last time you told your sad problem story. What was the context? Why were you sharing or revisiting your experience, truthfully? Every time you repeat the story of an old wound or problem to yourself or someone else, you give it energy and validate that version of yourself. If you’re blaming what you’re doing or not doing now or in the future on something that happened to you in the past, then you are not being fully present to what you’re experiencing now. Sensing the present moment is where healing begins.

I had one client who came to me full of tales of what a special and difficult case they were, and how much they had gone through. Their previous healer had worked with them for a long time, but there was still so much to do. What a challenge they would be for me and how  difficult it was to find people who could work at the advanced level they needed. In our first session, this person’s guides assured me that their healing was not only possible but straightforward, as long as they took an active and responsible role in it. They were going to have to work with me and not have it “done” for them. Needless to say this client didn’t return for a second session. I had not confirmed their idea of themselves, and when I gently suggested that their cancellation may mean they weren’t yet ready to let it go, they immediately countered defensively with, “No, your energy was wrong for me”.

They were right in a way. I am a healer who intends to help you heal yourself. Sometimes that means I will challenge your ideas and beliefs about yourself and that may be uncomfortable, but only for as long as it takes to release those blocks to your natural state of harmony. So my energy may not be right for you, but if you truly want to heal and are ready to face up to whatever it is that’s preventing you from doing that, then I’m just what you need!

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