Healing emotions and feelings

Posted on Apr 8, 2013 in Healing

Healing emotions and feelingsEmotions or feelings that you have suppressed, rejected or hidden stay in the physical or subtle body and may then go on to cause dis-ease if left to fester long enough. Many illnesses have their roots in emotions and feelings that have not been properly dealt with.

The only way to clear emotions is to express them, literally to “move them out”, by allowing yourself to feel them completely. Here is the easiest and most effective way I know to do that:

1.  Sit comfortably with your spine as straight as possible, somewhere quiet where you know you won’t be disturbed for fifteen minutes or so.

2.  If you already have a noticeable problem area (for many it is the stomach or bladder that hold emotions) place your hands over that area. If not, then place your hands over your sacral chakra (the womb/hara area just below your tummy button).

3.  Focus on your breathing and allow it to deepen and lengthen to a rhythm that feels comfortable and natural for you.

4.  Focus on the area over which you have placed your hands and imagine that you’re breathing directly into that area.

5.  Simply ask that all stuck or stagnant emotion held in that area be brought up for release. As you do this, you may find yourself remembering long ago events, crying, needing to scream or even experiencing some physical pain. Do not suppress, judge, hold back or get scared if this happens, just relax and go with what your body wants to do.

6.  Continue to breathe deeply into the area over which your hands are placed and just allow anything that comes up to flow through and out of you. It it gets difficult, it can help to imagine that as you breathe out you’re exhaling the feeling. Gradually you will sense the emotions dissipating and then disappearing completely.

7.  Take a moment to remind yourself of your connection to the grounding and nourishing energy of the earth before you finish.

Repeat this exercise as often as you feel is necessary to achieve and maintain emotional clarity.

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