Aura and energy protection

Posted on Apr 12, 2012 in Healing, Spiritual living

I often get calls from clients who are worried about coming into contact with negative energy, and want to know how to protect themselves. This is the simplest and most effective exercise I know (isn’t simple always the best?!) to do just that, and you can do it anywhere at any time. I also give this exercise as after-care to anyone who comes for healing as it supports the healing process and maintains the integrity of the energy system while that healing is taking place.

Basic aura and energy protection

Awakening by Marco Brown

Awakening by Marco Brown

Focus within and locate that inner divine spark that we all carry inside us. It could be anywhere, so just remain open to your own feelings and intuition, although most commonly it’s located in the heart or the solar plexus. Once you’ve found it, focus on it and allow that spark to grow into a flame and then a bright light, which continues to expand outwards to fill your entire body. See that light expanding through your chest, pelvis, shoulders and arms to the tips of your fingers, thighs and calves to the tips of your toes, and up your neck to the top of your head. Feel that light penetrating and bathing your entire body – the skin, the blood vessels, the muscles, the organs, the bones and the cells.

Then allow that light to expand out and beyond you, above your head and below your feet, to each side, in front and behind you, to a distance that feels comfortable for you. This might be three feet all around you, it might be less or more. Always follow your own intuition. Continue to visualise this light expansion until you see yourself completely encapsulated in a bubble of beautiful, divine light.

Know that this light is of the purest and highest vibration, and nothing negative can touch or stick to you while you remain within it. And that really is it! I recommend practicing this exercise at the beginning and end of every day, even when you don’t particularly feel in need of protection, as it makes you feel wonderful. Not only does it protect, it also cleanses and energises your physical body and all your subtle bodies, and reminds you of your true divine origins and the power you carry within you.

Adding a connection to Spirit

For those who want to, you can take an extra step. After completing the basic exercise above, focus above your head and imagine a light which represents your connection to Spirit – this could be the sun, the moon, a star, whatever feels right for you. Draw the light from this Source down through the top of your head and further down to meet the divine spark within you (wherever that was located for you). Feel that connection, pulsing with divine light and love, and know it to be present at all times. Allow the two sources of light to mingle, flow all around your body and aura, and flow down into your feet and out into the earth, connecting you firmly with the planet.

This added step can just give you that extra feeling of support when you need it, for example when you know you are going into difficult situations or places where you know there is negative energy, and an increased awareness of the presence of your Higher Self, guides and helpers with you throughout the day.

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