Remembering dance moves and dancing to release memory

Posted on Mar 8, 2012 in Healing, Spiritual living

Ava Fleming

The lovely and talented Ava Fleming

I have recently returned from a festival called Majma – a weekend fest of every type of belly dancing (and a bit more besides) in the vibrant energy of Glastonbury. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to many different styles of traditional dance, and you’ll get to see the best teachers in the world show you how it’s done! If you want to see some photos of the event you can take a peek here:

I learned a lot from each of my workshop sessions, not least that I should practice more, but the constant theme was the way the teachers guided us through the choreography we were learning. They all explained to us the feelings behind each movement. Fun and laughter were introduced to the difficult task of memorising as we all began saying to ourselves things like, “Hey, I just spotted a nice teapot over there, nooooooooooo I can’t buy that”, “Oh, do I want shoes or Jason Statham more?” and “Please, please, pleeeeeease love me…….

Ava Fleming, who has been voted Bellydancer of the Universe with very good reason, explained that she found it impossible to learn the amount of choreography her profession demands unless she has an emotion to connect to. So as we dance we use our bodies to tell a story and to convey what we are feeling.

So if emotion helps your body to remember (in this case to learn dance moves), doesn’t it also hold true that your body holds the memory of emotions? Every emotion, in fact, that you have ever felt. And it’s easy to see how a particularly traumatic memory of loss, injury or cruelty would become deeply imprinted in the body and, if not properly dealt with and released, remain firmly lodged there. In effect, our bodies tell the story of our lives to those who are sensitive enough to read it.

That is the heart of alternative healing; recognising that our physical bodies, and the subtle energetic bodies associated with them, need to be periodically cleared of those harmful thoughts and feelings. We talk about “expressing” emotions every day and express means to squeeze or push out. You don’t always need to visit a healer, although it’s always good to get some professional and knowledgeable help. Sometimes it can be as simple as using your body in a way which expresses that releasing and clearing – dancing with “shaking off” or “pushing out” movements, shouting or screaming, punching a cushion, or whacking a ball really really hard. I’m sure you can all come up with some even more creative alternatives!

As I moved my body to express the emotions the teachers were showing me, I really felt them. I was there, in that moment, stuck in a difficult dilemma or longing for a sign of love from a distant adored one. It brought home the truth of the phrase “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” If you’re struggling with relating to someone in your life, try spending a few moments mimicking their body language and movements and see what new understanding of them that brings.  Equally, if you admire certain qualities in a person and you long to be more like them, do the same. You will find that as you move, you yourself are moved. The body is a truly powerful tool.

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