The meaning of colours in the aura

Posted on Jun 10, 2010 in Healing

Colour in the aura is usually perceived in the second layer of the aura, the emotional body (see my earlier post about the aura).

Starting to see the aura and its colours

Ask a friend to stand in front of a plain wall (a white one is best). Relax your whole body and especially your eyes and soft gaze at the area around the head and shoulders. You will probably start to notice a glow, maybe an inch or two deep around them. This is the first layer of the aura, the etheric body. If you continue to watch in the same relaxed way you may get the impression of colours after a while. They can be quite brief flashes of colour as they reflect the fluctutation of your volunteer’s emotions.

Don’t worry if you can’t see anything as it usually takes patience and practice to see colour in the aura. You could also try having an aura photograph taken at a Mind, Body Spirit fair. In my experience, they seem to correspond well with clairvoyant perception and if you get a knowledgeable photographer they will be able to give you a very interesting reading from the photograph’s results. I had an aura photograph taken annually at the same time for a period of three years and it was fascinating to see the colours brighten and lift which reflected perfectly the changes I was making in my life during that time.

It’s important to remember that colours are not good or bad in themselves but usually clear and bright colours, whatever they are, indicate healthiness whereas dark or muddy colours suggest otherwise. Although our auras change as we evolve, a violet, turquoise and pink aura is not necessarily better than a vibrant red and orange one. We are all different and our auras reflect the different emphasis in our lives at any given time. The most balanced auras, and what we should all aim for, display a wide variety of bright colours.

Here is a general guide to what colours represent in the aura:


A vibrant red is usually seen around children before the age of puberty. It reflects their boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. People who are very active or sporty often have a vibrant red aura. Darker reds are a sign of anger and can show someone who is bad tempered or violent, or perhaps suggest someone who is tired and too giving of their energy to others.


A glowing orange is a sign of vitality and optimism. This would be a flexible personality with a real spring in their step and zest for life who is probably full of creative ideas.


Sunny yellow shows someone with lots of ideas who is intelligent and thinks a lot – teachers often have a lot of yellow in their aura. It is also a sign of optimism and cheerfulness and a willingness to embrace new things.


A fresh leafy green shows up in someone who loves to be in the great outdoors and close to nature. Gardeners often have green in their aura. It can also denote healing ability, especially healing that comes from the heart. Khaki green can indicate an unhealthy enviousness of others – literally being green with envy.


Pink suggests someone compassionate and loving, who likes to see the best in people, viewing the world through “rose colored spectacles”. This colour is often seen in the aura of pregnant women.


Blue in the aura shows a creative and imaginative side to someone who is probably also a great communicator and uses their voice in their work (or should be doing so!). It also indicates a very intuitive nature.


This is a very spiritual colour so indicates someone who has a spiritual purpose and possesses psychic potential. Deep purple shades can indicate pride.


A very spiritual colour which usually indicates someone who is working with healing energy. It can also be a sign of spiritual support from guides and angels around someone. Dirty greyish white can indicate areas of illness.


Turquoise in the aura suggests someone who has a positive sense of self and is willing to help others. A gentle but firm person who conveys a feeling of peace to those around them.

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