Listening to your body talk

Posted on Jun 18, 2010 in Healing

As a healer I’m well aware that physical pains and problems are often just the symptom of a client’s underlying mental, emotion or spiritual dis-ease. We’ve become very used to ignoring and disrespecting our body, when really it’s the most incredible mine of information when it comes to our wellbeing – if we’d just take the time to listen. Hands up who’s ignored that slight tension in the neck only to have to visit a chiropractor a few months down the line with a frozen shoulder (yes, my hand is in the air)?

Here’s a very simple technique that you can use effectively to tune into your own body to find out exactly what’s going on – and help prevent illness. Find a comfortable chair where you can sit with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. Shift around a little in your seat until you find your point of balance, and then close your eyes. Now, take a few deep breaths and with each out breath imagine all the tensions, stress, and worries of the day leaving you through the air you expel. When you’re nice and relaxed, ask your body to show you or take your awareness to any area where there is a problem. You may feel a pain or other sensation, see a patch of colour in your mind, or just find your attention focused in a particular place.

Now, really focus on that area or organ of your body. As mad as it sounds, I want you to talk to your body and ask why it isn’t working properly or what it is trying to tell you by sending the signal of pain. It’s very simple but if we accept that our bodies don’t exist separately from our mind and emotions then it makes perfect sense. For example, if you’re having indigestion then you need to be asking where you’re having difficulty digesting something in your life. If you’re having difficulty hearing, then what are you being asked to hear? If your joints are stiff, where does this inflexibility exist within you? We talk naturally about mental and emotional situations in physical terms (“I’ve been stabbed in the back”, “they’re a real pain in the neck”) so why not turn it around and ask our physical self to tell us about our mental and emotional state?

You may find that once you’ve started a conversation, other organs or parts of you want to chip in too – just go with the flow! Give it a try and you’ll be amazed by the answers you receive and by the incredible wisdom that you carry within your own body.

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