Maintaining a healthy solar plexus chakra

Posted on May 24, 2010 in Healing

This chakra, as its name suggests, is situated in the solar plexus, over the adrenal glands. Related to the fire element, the solar plexus chakra rules our metabolism and therefore the digestive system which pays a major part in the metabolic process. Its fiery energy brings us light, warmth, energy and power – it’s our ‘get up and go’ and will centre – and so it’s here also that we feel the lack of those things (such as butterflies when we’re nervous). Traditionally, it’s believed that all the major psychic currents in the body run through this centre. When you talk about your gut feeling, this is where it originates.

If your solar plexus chakra is not balanced, you may feel powerless and withdrawn, too scared to put yourself forward in life and unable to accept responsibility or take positive action. Conversely, you may have an excessive need to dominate and control others. You can often tell how healthy the solar plexus chakra is by looking at your physical body shape in this area – whether your body expands or contracts here is an indication of too much or too little energy in the solar plexus. Digestive problems, diabetes, hypoglycaemia and stomach ulcers are all signs that the solar plexus chakra needs balancing. Self-esteem is also rooted here, connected to the power and strength of your own will and power illustrated by the extent of your self-confidence.

Boosting your solar plexus chakra

As this is the fire chakra, you have the perfect excuse to get out and enjoy the bright light and warmth of the sun to connect with solar plexus energy.

Wear something yellow

Yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra, so wearing it will help to put you in touch with its fiery energy. If yellow doesn’t suit you, try carrying a sunny yellow crystal, such as citrine, honey calcite or sunstone.

Food for thought

Listen to your body. Do you often feel cold, maybe even lethargic and sluggish? Do you crave hot and spicy food and prefer hot drinks? In this case your body is telling you your fire energy is low and is asking you to provide it with more heat. Delicious curries and hot herbal teas are perfect! If, on the other hand you’re often overheated or feverish with a quick temperament and lots of energy, you’re more likely to want drinks from the fridge and salads to calm the fire down a bit. Juices, cool water and lots of raw vegetables and fruit will help you then.

Developing solar plexus fire

  • Practice meditation to gain a greater sense of who you are and what you are here to do. Your will is strongest when you are relaxed, happy and in touch with yourself.
  • Be disciplined by doing something that you really don’t want to do but you know has to be done (like going to the gym!). Knowing when to yield your own will to a greater purpose is an important lesson.
  • Do something different to break through old habits and behaviour patterns. If you’re usually active, slow down and try being still for a while. If you’re normally sluggish, get active. Coming out of your safety zone is a sure way to wake up your power chakra!
  • Be aware if you’re holding onto anger and find a safe and effective way to release it – whether that’s pounding it out on a treadmill or talking it through with a qualified therapist. Blocked power within yourself is often blocked anger.

Making the sun

Stand upright with feet shoulder-width apart and arms stretched up over your head as far as you can. Take a deep breath and stretch up even further then slowly bring your arms down to your sides, with palms facing downwards, stretching out as far as you can all the time. About half way down you’ll feel as if you’re pushing against a force, which you can imagine to be some block you want to work through. Feel your hands pushing the block away as the solar energy streams out through your fingers and surrounds you with a bright, powerful glow.

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