Maintaining a healthy sacral chakra

Posted on May 23, 2010 in Healing

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen, covering the area between the navel and the genitals.

Related to the water element, the sacral chakra corresponds to all the bodily functions associated with liquid, including blood circulation, urination, sexuality and reproduction. It also governs all the qualities of water, like flow, fluidity and surrender. This chakra is the centre of sexuality and also the feminine qualities of emotions, sensation, pleasure, movement and nurture. Because of the strong water element, the sacral chakra is related to the moon with our passions and desires creating strong energy like the moon’s pull on the tides. Moon energy also means the unconscious, mysterious and dark have a special power in the sacral chakra.

If your sacral chakra is not balanced, you’ll probably repress your emotions which means you’re held back from moving forward in your life and you may not feel able to extend love and care to others. Alternatively, you could be incredibly sensitive and unable to handle the overwhelming waves of emotion that seem to engulf you at every turn. Influenced by our society, you may feel guilty about doing anything that gives you pleasure and suffer from sexual inhibitions and blocks. In physical terms, you may have lower back pain, leg pain, kidney troubles, poor circulation and stiffness in the hips. These are all indications that the fluid energy of the sacral chakra is not flowing freely.

Boosting your sacral chakra

This is the water chakra, so you can take advantage of this readily available resource to get in touch with sacral energy.

Wear something orange

Orange is the colour to put you in touch with the sacral chakra’s watery energy. If orange doesn’t suit you, try carrying an orange crystal, such as carnelian, amber or orange calcite.

Self-nurture with water

  • Drink lots of pure, cool water to cleanse your body. As you drink the first glass, sit quietly and feel the cool liquid pouring inside you. Imagine it flowing through your whole body out into the veins and lymphatic system.
  • Visit a favourite watery place and splash the refreshing water from a waterfall, lake or the ocean on your face.
  • Take a long, hot soak in the bath, or an invigorating shower if you prefer, using your favourite soaps and lotions. As you bathe, imagine the water cleansing you of any unwanted negativity, habits, hurts or fears and pouring positive blessings over you in their place.

Free up your hips and pelvis

Blocks in the sacral chakra are often shown by a lack of flexibility in the hips. To help free up the movement in this area:

  • Stand with your legs apart and your knees slightly bent. Drop your pelvis forward and then, keeping your knees bent, rotate your pelvis in large circles. Keep your head and feet still so that the movement is purely from the pelvis. Try gradually making smaller and smaller circles, keeping the movement smooth and flowing. Do this for as long as you feel you need to!
  • Treat yourself to a full body massage.
  • Indulge in some passionate love-making!

Express your emotions

Shout when you’re angry, laugh when you’re happy and don’t be ashamed of your feelings. Breathing, massage and energy healing can all help to release and express pent-up emotions. These techniques are very powerful and I do advise you to work with experienced therapists if you seriously want to pursue them. A safe and easy way to open the floodgates on dammed up emotions is to buy a box of tissues, grab a piece of rose quartz and curl up on the sofa with your favourite weepy film!

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