Spiritual guidance January/February 2024: Free your natural state of being

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Spiritual guidance January/February 2024: The Tower Thoth Tarot card

Here’s my spiritual guidance January/February 2024, covering the month beginning with the Capricorn new moon at 11.57am on January 11th (in the UK). I draw one card from the Thoth Tarot to explore the key energy of these four weeks, and then take a quick look at the astrology.

Spiritual guidance January/February 2024 from the Tarot

I admit to feeling a bit apologetic about drawing this card again, as it appeared in both October and November of 2023! I could imagine you all saying, “please, not that again!”

If you prefer to listen to this article, play the podcast video below. Otherwise, read on.

But most astrologers and intuitives agree that this is exactly where we are right now; in the midst of an unprecedented restructuring and transformation process on every level. So if you’ll be kind enough to bear with me, I’m going to dive into The Tower once more.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way and I won’t dwell on it as I’ve said it so many times recently. These are weeks of intense and potentially shocking events that may explode your sense of security, what you believed to be true about yourself and the world, and bring drastic change in their wake.

In particular, I see further revelation of corruption and abuse of power in society’s major authority structures; things like corporate finance and Government. The truth is now available for all to see, and there’s no way you can ever unsee it. This is likely to trigger strong responses in the wider population which could result in rebellion and revolution. The people, and you may be one of them, will be ready to rise up and insist on rejecting injustice, control, unnecessary killing, and the destruction of a living earth and her creatures.

You’re probably way ahead in this respect if you’re reading this. So to encourage yourself this month, take the time to look back over the last couple of years. You’ll see how this Tower pattern has been playing out in your life for a while already. How what may have felt like disasters at the time have, in fact, allowed you to see and understand life in a whole new way. How you know yourself that much better, and have been able to align yourself with what truly matters to you. How you have been able to embrace more of your authentic self and express who you are more freely and easily. Perhaps this will be the first time you’re able to look at past events in quite this way. In this case, this month is the perfect time to finally express and release pent up anger, grief, and trauma and transmute it into reclaimed lifeforce energy. Seek out the help of a professional therapist if you need support with this process.

Once you’re clear on what has already been and how far you’ve come, use this month to plan what you want to build in the long term. There are no walls barring your movement in any direction any more. You’re seeing reality, on its many levels, more clearly than you ever have before. Now you can ask to see what’s next from the perspective of the highest consciousness and awareness. Amazing insights are possible.

It’s helpful to realise that planning and direction setting is not going to look like you’re used to though. This is because you’re starting afresh as we are all are, not building on any existing rules or frameworks. This is a powerful rebirth rather than just a surface make-over. So where you want to head is probably not going to be well defined at this point, and that is perfectly ok. It’s most important at this point to get a felt sense of how you want to live and experience life, based on the values you hold dear.

You also won’t be doing this planning alone, but in co-operation with the other than human powers present and co-creating all around you. It’s almost a process of “uncivilising” yourself that I’m sensing. I don’t mean to suggest you escape to live in the woods like an Iron Age person, rejecting all developments and technology beyond that epoch of time. Rather, return to the truth of your more natural way of being over the next four weeks (and beyond).

Planet earth from below and the cosmos from above are transmitting incredible waves of energy and information. These waves are seen and felt as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, solar flares and electromagnetic storms (all of which are possible this month). This energy is facilitating a recognition of your natural state of ever-present connection to all forms of life, physical and multidimensional, with which you share this universe.

One of the many ways this could show up for you is in visions and knowledge of the far future. I find it fascinating that in myth the most renowned sages often go through a period of exile from the mainstream, civilised world. For example, the great wise Merlin has a lengthy interlude of living wild and “mad” in the woods. It’s almost as if he needs to strip away all conditioned thinking and behaviour so he can fully embrace his intuitive, instinctive, natural self. A return to innocence in a way. Merlin, as other mythical characters do, emerge from this experience with the gifts of seership and prophecy for their people. A knowing which extends far beyond the merely rational mind and intelligence, and usually at a time when their people are in desperate need of hope for the future.

As ever, ground and centre yourself securely and deeply into your physical body on a daily basis. Choose something simple which works well for you; deep breathing, free dancing, sitting in silence with your back against a tree. This stabilises your physical body and nervous system so it can absorb the incoming frequencies and remain open to change with more ease and grace.

I truly believe the only way we can redesign our world successfully now is if it’s in partnership with Source, spiritual values, and in harmony with universal law. Last night (6th January) I dreamt I was at a social gathering and I was wandering among the guests stirring a large jug of black liquid. As I circled the room I kept singing out, “Stir up the hebda!” Hebda is not a word I know or recognise at all but I heard it so clearly that I remembered how to pronounce it on waking. When I searched on the Internet, spelling it phonetically, this is the first entry that popped up:

“Polish: nickname from chebda ‘elderberry'”

The elderberry is a sacred magical and healing plant in many Northern European cultures. Its associated properties include death and rebirth, spiritual connection, magic and mystery, profound healing, the removal of evil influences, new visions of reality, and making great progress. It seems I’m already living this reading in the dreamtime.

Over the next four weeks, I invite you to join me around the cauldron of inspirational renewal. Let’s stir up the elderberry brew to feed the seeds of a brighter, better world!

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Guidance January/February 2024 from astrology

The new moon in the earthy, structure-loving sign of Capricorn is blessed by a trine to Uranus in Taurus, which bodes well for positive moves towards a more healthy relationship to the land, fertility, and money. Inspirations and ideas supporting a new world vision will do well. Pluto hovering between Capricorn and Aquarius further insists on development for the future, understanding clearly the limitations of the past. It will be almost impossible to hold on to traditional structures and methods of the past now, as the necessity of the completely different becomes more and more obvious.

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