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Wildflower meadow

The North and South nodes in my birth chart tell the story of my soul journey so far and where it’s longing to get to in my current incarnation. I’m moving from Scorpio (South node) to Taurus (North node), so my soul focus is all about finding the sacred in the simple details of ordinary life, investing everyday reality with divinity, and learning to calm the over-dramatic tendencies that stormy emotions and high levels of intuition can bring.

It’s clear to see this North node destination actively directing my life so far, in my embracing of a more simple life in terms of needs and reducing outgoings, harmonising with the environment and reducing impact on it.

In recent months, with movement and activity being limited, it’s never been more clear than in my relationship with my garden, that small piece of land of which I am a grateful guardian. Being able to spend so much time working with and observing nature so closely on a daily basis has been incredibly informative and healing during these chaotic times.

We decided to re-wild some sections of the garden, planting mini-meadows of wildflowers specifically for butterflies and bees. It’s been astounding so see how the land has welcomed this, especially since I’ve heard from others how difficult it can be to get them established. Our seeds took immediately, and within an almost shockingly short space of time we had a riotous mass of wild colour to stun our eyes and assuage the hunger of so many local bees, insects, and butterflies.

Bee garden

At the same time, I’ve noticed how our partly planted borders and created beds have been gradually self-seeding with native wild plants, joining the cultivated ones in a delightful dance of natural and more structured. By letting go of control and the desire to fill all the empty space, I’ve ended up with a design far more beautiful than I could have planned myself.

It’s a truth I’ve proved over and over again that what you focus upon makes use of that targeted energy to increase and augment the subject of your focus. So it is that I’ve noticed plants in the garden I’ve never seen before, and been able to create more space for them to blossom and flourish. Some things that at first appeared dead, on closer inspection showed minute signs of life struggling to push through. Cutting back much of what was old and dried up has rewarded me with renewed growth and wholly unexpected gifts of copious flowers.

Barren grass has been dug up and replaced with natural woodland floor paths of leaves, beech nut and acorn cases, and sticks, weaving between the pots and plantings . Wild animals have signalled their approval of the changes by announcing their presence in a definitive way. A mole crossed the path as we were walking home one twilight, and now regularly charts his meanderings with small mounds of earth. A hedgehog has startled our dog Finn several times in surprise encounters under a moonless sky. Bank voles streak through the dense undergrowth like tiny, auburn comet tails. A bat took up residence one night in a wardrobe side pocket, having flitted off course through an open window in the low light of dusk.

Pathway daisies

The sweet satisfaction of tending to life, the blessings of simple abundance all around me that feeds my body and soul, the sense of connection to this earth and all Her inhabitants has been so saturated with divine presence it’s been eye-opening. It’s no surprise to me that the more disconnected from the natural world we’ve become, the further from Source we’ve drifted. My soul’s desire is to make that journey back to life, back to the garden in this lifetime. I pray that in the coming years we all do.

I can include exploration of the very telling North and South node as part of your reading or healing session with me.

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