Lockdown liberation

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Stone spiral

I keep finding myself pondering that what we’re now calling lockdown would once have been normal life. My life is completed centred around my own home, most days leaving its sphere only once and within walking distance for an hour or so, travelling as infrequently as possible to stock up on essential supplies that are not available from my immediate environment.

Internet and other mod cons aside, I could almost imagine I’d stepped into one of the Thomas Hardy novels I first read and loved as a teenager. And there’s something in that reminder, with its echoes of a lost past when we lived a more simple life in harmony with the earth.

Although I can work online and am still taking calls from clients for healing and guidance, these are not surprisingly less frequent than usual. Rather than wanting to create more work or dream up new courses and services, my intuitive pull has been to focus on the simple and necessary tasks to hand. The weather has been unusually beautiful so I’ve been out in the garden, tidying and planting, hanging washing outside to dry (a rather rare pleasure in my beloved Wales!), trying out new and healthy vegan recipes to feed the immune system, meditating in the open air.

I’m fortunate to live in a rural and fairly remote location so there are incredible walks from my front door during which we very rarely meet anyone else. I’m really savouring these small excursions into the wider world around me, taking the time to notice every slight change in the living landscape day by day as the woodland burgeons fully into Spring. The land is whispering its secret stories to me through her geology, plant and wildlife, positioning me within their context, and I’m giving Her my full attention.

What I’m sensing is a freedom to surrender more deeply into my physical body, a dropping down from my head into the soft warmth of my belly, a natural and noticeable softening in my usually tense neck and shoulders. My whole system seems to be slowing down and recalibrating to new frequencies and energetics, and I have no desire to resist it. There are days when waves of emotion pass over me; as an empath the collective fear and grief out there feels strong, and I never repress it. I simply sit, feet planted firmly on the ground and acknowledge its presence, giving it permission to be there and move through me. When I’ve emptied out, what rushes in to fill the space is an overwhelming love, joy and even, dare I say it, excitement about what all this chaos is engendering. I share this with the planet freely, knowing there are many out there who are struggling with such hardship, illness, isolation and loss that they feel a million miles removed from such emotions.

For me personally, this strange situation feels like a sacred pause, an energetic reset during which there is nothing for me to do other than to be with what is. Fully be with what is here now. So I’m aware of every tiny shift of thought and feeling, checking in with myself before I do anything to make sure it’s what feels right in that moment. In some way, it feels like I’m being called to hold this space of mindful peace and centred calm for those who can’t; that by creating and maintaining this oasis of “being-ness” within myself I make it available to others. By the way, at the beginning of the UK lockdown I recorded a simple eleven minute meditation to help you be present to your thoughts and feelings, and then to guide you into an empowering space of love and gratitude. If you want to try it you can find it on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/semele-xerri/compassionate-being-meditation.

For the coming weeks and months, be true to where you’re at in each moment in the understanding that others, for a myriad of reasons, may be in a very different space. Do what you feel called to do, knowing that not everyone will want to, can, nor should respond similarly. I think it’s all we can ask of each other right now. We’re not all identical, but what we have in common and what connects us is being made more obvious by this global threat. Together, with each of us doing the best we can for ourselves and each other in challenging circumstances, we’re designing a new and better template for humanity. I have no idea what that will look like exactly, and I believe there’s hard work ahead to adopt and flesh out that template, but I remain full of hope that it will be beautiful.

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