A time to change: COVID 19

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Time to change

As I write most people are isolating themselves at home or at least practicing physical distancing to help with the containment of the Coronavirus.

I never imagined that after a three month gap I’d be writing about a pandemic and its effects. The beginning of the year was a hectic and very creatively fulfilling one for me, as I directed my first play for Attic Theatre. It took much of my time and energy, of which I enjoyed every minute, and we received such an amazing response from audience and reviewers alike that it was tremendously satisfying on every level.

Just as I was settling back into “normal” life, this virus appeared on the scene with as dramatic an entrance as any I orchestrated on the stage!

I had already intuitively felt guided to dedicate my freed up time to deepening my spiritual practice and was doing that. I had also been listening to podcasts and reading accounts of the hunter/gatherer lifestyle, the way our ancestors lived for hundreds of thousands of years. We were essentially animist and shamanic in lifestyle, recognising the spirit and consciousness in everything and respecting all life forms (including fellow humans) accordingly and equally. It’s only in the last 5,000 years that city state and agriculture-based societies became prevalent, and along with it power-based hierarchies, war as a constant because of land and resource “ownership”, the denigration of women and the earth, and the worship of vengeful and frankly very human gods.

For a long time there have been a minority of us begging those in power to wake up and see what we’re doing to the planet and to each other. We’ve been teaching and healing to the best of our ability, always optimistic and hopeful but aware that our whole culture stands on these foundations of greed and power, albeit more shakily in recent times. I watched as Trump boasted of building his wall to keep out the South Americans and Boris removed the UK from the EU, all the while talking of making their countries great again as separate and isolated super-powers. Along with others like me, I was aware that it was probably going to take a massive shock to finally get everyone to listen and open their eyes.

Dear readers, I believe COVID 19 is that opportunity for global awakening and transformation. A virus has absolutely laughed in the face of anyone who tries to claim that they exist in isolation. It’s crossed all boundaries and borders, showing us with fierce clarity just how interconnected and interdependent we are. It’s forcing us to talk to each other, share knowledge, experience and resources to keep each other safe and well across the world. The virus doesn’t discriminate according to wealth or prominence. It has effortlessly traversed the globe, religions, and social classes to prove that we’re all equal and part of the same greater whole called humanity. In a very real and basic way, we’re being asked to face the fear that’s at the root of many of our issues – the fear of death. It’s something we all have to come to terms with eventually, and if you do have knowledge of its approach, or the threat of its approach, it has a wonderful way of giving you laser-sharp focus and awareness about what really matters in your life. I’ll give you a clue; it’s never money, success or fame.

The measures we’re having to take to contain the virus are also helping us to slow down, shocking us out of our usual, everyday routines. It’s giving us more time to think, feel, and reassess what we’re doing; to make a choice in how we respond. Are we going to get swallowed up in fear for our own personal safety or are we going to consider what we can do for those more needy and vulnerable? Are we going to promulgate fear and panic or be the voice of calm, reason and encouragement. Are we going to sit at home moaning about the lack of all the things we’re used to keeping us occupied and distracted, twiddling our thumbs in boredom, or are we going to respond creatively; discovering, dreaming and envisioning new ways to live and be in these unprecented times?

I honestly believe that these next months, if we enter them whole-heartedly, wisely, and with deep self-reflection, can germinate the seeds of a completely different world. While of course I regret that this situation means suffering and loss for many, I do believe it’s a necessary process. It’s a process that WE’ve made necessary. Nature has a way of restoring the balance and She’s been warning us for years now in very many other ways. This was, perhaps, the only way to get the whole of the human race sitting up and paying attention. Already, for example, scientists are recording and reporting amazing drops in pollution levels across the most affected countries because of the drastic decrease in travel. We’re seeing, in a way it’s been easy to ignore up to now, how fragile our economy is and how reliant on mass consumerism it really is. I would even dare to say that it’s inviting us to compare our presence on the planet to that of an unstoppable virus, feeding off its host to the point of destruction and death if left to run rampant and unchecked.

So I would encourage you not to resist whatever restrictions, inconveniences or limitations you’re being forced to live with right now. Consider allowing yourself to surrender into the quiet and stillness, to let go of the need to control and fill your every moment, and even ask yourself, “What if this is perfect? What if this is just what I need?” You may find you actually enjoy it, that you reconnect with parts of yourself that have been neglected and ignored for far too long. Forget pride and reach out for help if you need it – in whatever form that help is needed – and assist those around you who may be struggling when and if you’re able to.

What I’m hoping and praying is that at the end of all this, probably months from now, it won’t be business as usual. I really don’t want “normal” if that’s a return to exactly how things were as if nothing had ever happened. I’m praying that, instead, we will emerge slowly and carefully into a very different world, each of us changed and transformed, having gained valuable experience and insight into how we can move forward in a way that honours the earth, all precious life, and each other as expressions of the same Great Source and Spirit.

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