To thine own self be true

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Know thyself

“Follow your bliss and the Universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell.

This is my perfect life formula, according to my latest discovery. As you’ll have gathered by now, I’m eternally excited about learning, growing and evolving; I think curiosity is a quality I’ve always had in abundance.

The more I understand about the multiverse the deeper into the mystery I’m lured, because for every nugget of knowledge I gather I can sense at least another three hovering just tantalisingly out of my reach – for now. And there lies the real joy, because life is a never-ending journey of revelation. I’ve been finding out about myself for 53 years now, and I can still get totally gobsmacked by an insight into who I am and how I can best operate in the world.

Most recently, a lovely lady who had recently become a colleague (but who didn’t know me at all) sent me my basic Human Design chart. It classified me as a Manifesting Generator type with a 3/5 profile. I won’t go into an explanation of the Human Design system here because I haven’t studied it, but if your interest is piqued you can explore more here:

Essentially, as a manifesting generator I have to make sure I go into everything the right way, which is to use my powerful magnetic energy to attract my soul purpose and then respond to the invitations and opportunities that I draw towards me. If I try to initiate without having something to respond to I’ll quickly get tired, burnt out and frustrated and then give up. This blew my mind because for many years I gave myself a hard time over what I thought was a lack of ability to come up with new ideas out of nowhere or initiate anything on my own. As if to rub my nose in it, my beloved, George, is an entrepreneur and so a brilliant initiator which only served to fuel my frustration! Especially when he said things like, “Why don’t you do something on ” to which I could only manage the lacklustre reply of, “I’m just not feeling it.” At the time, I didn’t realise just how astute that response was and simply assumed a failure on my part.

Looking back, it’s ridiculously clear that all my best moves and powerful changes have been in response to invitations and opportunities that I’ve drawn to me and to which I’ve responded intuitively and enthusiastically. Remember it’s called manifesting generator so it’s not about sitting around on my bum all day just waiting for things to happen! So for example, after my divorce a friend suggested Reiki and a psychic reading might help to get me rebalanced and refocused on a new life phase and direction. I heard the suggestion, it felt like a profound call to something so I followed her recommendation, and we all know what that kickstarted! My ex husband had lived in Wales earlier in his life and suggested it might be time to get out of the city and adopt a cleaner, more natural country lifestyle – once again my gut gave a happy leap and we moved to Wales. My employer ran into some financial problems and needed to downsize by letting some staff go. I suddenly knew this was the chance I had to take to leave the business world and launch into my soul work as a healer and spiritual guide. So I requested and was given, after some initial reluctance, a redundancy package. I joined an online spiritual community and was invited by the founder to train personally with her as an animal communicator – yes my intuition yelled. After many years as a keen and dedicated actor in amateur dramatics I was recently asked if I would direct a particular cast in a play they’d selected for my latest theatre. The whole idea terrified me of course but still, yes was the felt response and we’re in rehearsals now!

To know this is the way I’m made, this is who I am, that I absolutely have to wait until I feel it before I go ahead or it’s simply not going to work, is heavenly music to my newly manifesting generator ears. It means I stop beating myself up about who and what I’m not and can fully embrace and enjoy my awesome super-attractor-power. Actually I had stopped doing that anyway but somehow hearing myself described in this way and recognising the truth of it is even more liberating and empowering. It’s ok to appreciate some external validation every now and then.

I’m in inspirational company too, alongside Frederic Chopin, Marie Curie, Clint Eastwood, Janis Joplin, Sigmund Freud, Mahatma Gandhi, Jimi Hendrix, Pope John Paul II, Prince, Martin Luther King and Vincent Van Gogh. All of them doing what they love, as the only way to find out who they are and experience happiness – which is another trait of our type. And the 3/5 profile? It means I’m someone who learns the hard way through experience (sometimes mistakenly called mistakes) and then is driven to share what I’ve learned with others to help direct them and shine a light on the path. More confirmation that I’m on the right path.

Once again, I can’t help but think that we should focus on disciplines that promote self-understanding rather than academic achievement in our schools. Tools such as Human Design, Astrology, and Myers Briggs personality profiling would equip our children far more effectively to claim their place in the world as confident, productive, compassionate, aware and inspired human beings.

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