Rebel with a cause – reading for 2019

Posted on Jan 2, 2019 in Spiritual living, Tarot

Thoth Princess of SwordsIt’s always good to see a Princess, as she births spirit into matter so that it can become solid and real. In the case of this Princess, it’s ideas that are being brought through from heaven to earth. Not only bringing those ideas through but, more importantly, putting them into action.

As you can probably work out from the image, this is not always a peaceful process. There will be some conflict and likely confusion as radical and rebellious thinking comes up against opposing forces still locked into tradition and resistance. So the activism, protest and uprisings we’ve been seeing more and more of in the world are going to continue.

But here’s the important thing. We have to be clear what it is we’re standing FOR and not just what we’re fighting against. That deserves some time and attention to decide. The danger with getting swept away by instantaneous Princess of Swords energy is that we’re fuelled by anger and a desire for revenge, which is when we become vindictive, cruel and wantonly destructive (and no doubt we’ll see this happening around us in some situations). This year, we have to be crystal clear about what we’re standing for, the values that are dear to us, and ensure that everything we do is in line with those values. It’s the only way to create positive change – we must be rebels with a cause, and we must pursue those causes impeccably and in integrity. Objective observation, wisdom, willingness to speak out, negotiation and understanding are going to be essential tools in our 2019 survival kits.

In the Tarot, swords are very much about cutting through the rubbish and the deceptive smoke screens you can see around the Princess to get to the truth. In 2019 we need to apply ourselves to seeing clearly where we’ve been deceived, misled and mis-informed so that we can choose to act with insight. So I foresee further revelations that uncover corruption in every sphere of society – politics, finance, business, religion, the environment. Of course, this also applies in our personal lives where we can also no longer tolerate any injustice, abuse, disrespect or repression.

As I look at that smashed altar on the card, it speaks to me of a world in which spiritual values have been forgotten, neglected or even deliberately destroyed. 2019 is the year in which they return to the fore and demand to take centre stage again in the way we structure our lives. I think, immediately, of the announcement at the end of last year from Marianne Williamson who’s exploring the possibility of running for the US Presidency. I think of a dear personal friend who has taken a brave step into the world of eco-politics, taking with her all the wisdom and tools of a powerful shaman. Thinking and talking about the changes we want to see is no longer enough, we must back it up with action.

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is exactly right, and remember that wherever there’s a cause there are supporters. So don’t feel you have to go it alone with whatever idea is burning within you. This Princess doesn’t just act for herself, she holds in mind the idea of nourishing and feeding the well-being of others (she is the green of new life and growth), and where two or more are gathered the presence of Source will be stronger and more effective.

With all of this going on, it will be easy to allow our moods and that of the collective consciousness, and unconscious, to lead us astray. I’d already noticed this in the last weeks of 2018 where clients were expressing elevated levels of anxiety and doubt. As a representation of the element of air, this Princess gives us clues of how to return to clarity. Spend as much time as you can out in the fresh air, in nature if possible, and away from the constant bombardment of all forms of media and information delivery. I always find hilltops, clifftops and high places incredibly helpful for literally blowing away the sticky cobwebs.

Remind yourself how to breathe – really breathe – deeply into your belly, calmly and with focus on the breath entering and leaving your body. Know that this is the breath of life, the breath of Source, and spend even just a couple of minutes a day doing this to help dissolve external interference.

Move your body regularly in whatever way feels best and is possible for you. Dancing, running, walking, yoga, cycling; any physical movement brings your attention back into your body which can always tell you what’s really going on with you. It’s the perfect antidote to feeling pulled this way and that by distracting thoughts and moods, and helps release any blocks or barriers we may be holding onto that resist necessary flow and change.

In 2019 may you say yes to the core values and ideals you hold in life, may you free yourself from anything or anyone that’s telling you “no.” Together may we all witness and play our part in laying the foundations of truth, integrity, love and compassion on which we can begin to build a new sustainable earth.

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