10 things you should tell yourself every day

Posted on Jul 29, 2015 in Spiritual living

10 things you should tell yourself every dayAfter noticing how the testing energies of the last month have affected people, me included at times, I was in the mood to write a really light-hearted and positive mood-engendering article!

I confess I’m not usually a fan of the “10 things….” style blog posts but I’ve finally caved in for the sake of some fun. So here it is, short and simple. My guide to essential and life-enhancing self-talk that deflects all the questions and thoughts that can drag you down during a normal day:

I am fabulous – reverses any self-criticism.

It really doesn’t matter – an immediate stress and anxiety-reliever when you can feel the tension building over even the pettiest things.

Not everyone may like me, but I LOVE me – an important reminder when you catch yourself people-pleasing rather than standing in your own power.

In this moment, I make a fresh start – especially for when you’re beating yourself up for doing something or not doing something; yet again.

I am an essential part of a beautiful mystery – perfect when nothing is making sense and you feel unimportant.

I deserve this coffee/chocolate/nap/<insert your favourite treat here> – the ultimate guilt-buster, guaranteed to magnify your pleasure!

There are no limitations to what I can do, be or have – knocks out all those heavyweight “I can’ts”, and “I’ll nevers”.

Everything is perfect – useful for all sorts of occasions when things aren’t quite going to plan.

It’s ok to say no – when you’re tempted to agree to the thing or person that you know you have absolutely no time or energy for.

I choose to play BIG – for every moment of every day.

There are occasions when it’s not only acceptable but absolutely essential to love the sound of your own voice!

If you’d like to know more about empowering yourself to be yourself, free from external influences and pressures, then go and check out my online course, Pure Me.

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