Do we create or is it fate?

Posted on Jun 20, 2015 in Spiritual living

Fate by Alphonse Mucha

Fate by Alphonse Mucha

During a recent reading, when the Fortune Tarot card had appeared, I was asked by my client, “If we’re supposed to be the creators of all our experience, where does fate fit in?”

It’s a good question, and one which I’ve been asked many times in different ways. Most people see fate or destiny as something apart from and external to themselves, and it’s often been personified as a god or goddess with a rather fickle and temperamental nature. What if I was to tell you that it’s not an external influence at all and that YOU are your own agent of fate or destiny? In that case, it would still be true that you are always creating your own experience.

I’ve explained elsewhere that I believe before we embark on a physical life here on earth and while we’re back home with Source, we set our intentions and choose the lessons we wish to work on while we’re down here. Of course as soon as we enter this dense material plane we forget much of what was included in that spiritual planning, and sometimes even our spiritual origins. The big adventure of the human experience is in the remembering. If you need to remind yourself of the details, then you’ll get all the information by watching my Youtube videos The Soul Journey Part 1 and The Soul Journey Part 2.

So once we’re down here, and early life experiences have helped to shape our personalities, attitudes and belief systems, most of us are usually acting and creating from this construct (commonly called the ego) rather than from the soul. However, your Higher Self which remains fully connected to Source and is still part of All That Is CAN and does remember what your purpose is in being here. So even when you’re not conscious of it, your Higher Self is broadcasting your spiritual intentions and All That Is can’t help but respond by drawing to you the circumstances, people and events which will enable you to achieve the goals you set for yourself when you incarnated. It’s the law of attraction in action.

So even when you feel things are happening to you against your will or even contrary to your will, and that you’re not choosing or deliberately creating your life, that’s simply not true. Your ego (small self) might not be happy with what’s going on and resisting, but your soul (Higher Self) is always trying to get your attention and guide you in the direction you’ve already chosen. It’s this process in action which, in my opinion is what fate or destiny really is. It’s not a force over which we have no control and to the whims of which we’re completely and helplessly subject. Rather, fate is the creation of our soul, our Higher Self, of who we truly are. Our ego, with its roots very much in the physical, material experience, may feel very much as if it’s being forced to experience things we either don’t want, or make no sense, or both. However, this strong pull of “fate” is really Source responding to the creative power of our soul which knows what serves our highest purpose and highest good and is trying to make sure we get it.

Everything flows much more easily if you can bring the ego and the soul into alignment, through a healthy relationship between the two, so that you’re creating your life and experience from a consistent and unified intention. The problems, and probably the reason why fate has its fickle and uncomfortable reputation, only start when your ego and your soul are attempting to create very different things. It can also be the answer to the mystifying question of why you may be struggling to manifest or create as specific something. It could be that some aspect of you within the ego is saying no to what you’re asking for, because it’s afraid, for example, or has a negative belief system around the subject.

It’s worth remembering that your Soul (for that is what fate is) also has the highest good of the greater whole to which it belongs at heart. So what it’s wishing to create and to experience will certainly harm no one, and is most likely to enhance the lives of others too. So next time you feel as if fate is playing games with you, know that it’s your soul flagging up that something important to fulfilling your purpose is happening right now. Ask yourself whether you have the best of motivations with what you’re in the middle of creating, and check to see whether there’s another (probably less obvious) path being pointed out to you.

The exciting thing about the human experience in these fast-moving and instant karma times, is that we may need to renegotiate our soul choices and intentions while we’re down here! It’s possible now, because we’re currently storming through the learning process at a faster rate than ever before. If you really feel as if you’ve grasped a lesson sufficiently, having confronted it several times already, and now it’s just holding you back, you can dialogue with your soul to set up a revised agreement that will take your life in a direction more appropriate to your new level of understanding. You are always in the driving seat; you just need to be sure that it’s your soul with its hands on the wheel, and that you’re navigating with the appropriate map!

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