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Posted on Mar 9, 2015 in Spiritual living

Live your dreamHow did you do it?

It’s a question I’m often asked when giving readings to those struggling with how to do just that, or when someone finds out that I’m working for myself at something I love. It’s funny but at the time I was moving from employed to self-employed, I didn’t really think of myself as being “brave”, which is the word most people use to describe me when they listen to my story! So here are the main qualities that helped me see a dream through to manifestation, and I hope will support you on the way to yours.

See the bigger picture

Your dream is never just about you; it’s about what you bring to the world and how you can serve humanity by following that dream and fulfilling your soul purpose. That knowledge always kept me going on tough days and put everything into an inspiring context.

Welcome change as opportunity

Before I had any healing qualifications under my belt, and years before I was planning any job change, the company I was working for needed to downsize and redundancies were announced. My first reaction was the usual panic, feeling insecure and dreading being identified as someone who might be “let go”. However, when this first knee jerk had dissipated, it began to dawn on me that rather than being a potential disaster, this was a golden opportunity. I could choose to begin my dream life as a self-employed person (a little earlier than anticipated), and with the cushion of a voluntary redundancy payment to tide me over for a few months. I switched my mindset from victim to co-creator mode, and I felt empowered from that standpoint!

Trust the intuition

I can’t even remember exactly where it came from or how, but I had this absolute certainty that it was time to leave. I just knew, a deep down in the gut knowing, that wouldn’t go away despite all the logical arguments to the contrary. Yes, there was fear and a real awareness of risk, but there was also an over-riding sense of warm and urgent excitement, as if a door was being opened in front of me that led to something amazing. I couldn’t see clearly beyond that doorway, I wasn’t certain how things would look on the other side, but I was sure that staying on this side of the threshold didn’t feel right at all and my body was screaming “time to go”. I was determined to move towards the positive feelings.

Ignore the “buts”

What a dangerous little word this is. You can talk yourself out of absolutely anything and everything if you start the sentence with “but”. My particular list was pretty impressive: “But your husband is out of work at the moment…..but you have a mortgage to pay……but you have two children to think about…but you’re not even qualified in any therapies yet…..but your company doesn’t want you to leave so is not prepared to pay you the full redundancy package….” Pretty persuasive aren’t they? And all fear-based of course, guaranteed to keep you right where you are.

Stand strong in your own energy

This is definitely key to getting you through any situation. When you’re taking a leap like this, you often press the security buttons of your family and friends and their well-meaning advice will usually go against what you’re heart is telling you. Staying grounded, present in your own soul energy and connected to your Higher Self (who after all can see what you can’t) is essential. When you do this, then you’ll continue to hear your heart speak clearly, and you won’t be pulled off course by the expectations, needs and desires of anyone else. I have a meditation on Youtube specifically designed to help you do this: Energy integrity meditation.

Be practical and realistic

I’m someone who believes in practical spirituality, and realism is necessary when you’re dealing with earthly existence! I don’t assume that just because I’m spiritual everything is going to be easy and problem-free, and choosing to pursue a dream is only the first step to getting there. It’s possible to make a quantum leap of course, but for most of us it will be a gradual progress as our belief systems need to expand substantially to embrace new possibilities. I know mine did, and this was part of my learning journey but it doesn’t have to be yours. So look at the practical reality of achieving what you desire and ask yourself if you’re willing to do whatever may be necessary – and to stay joyful and cheerful while doing it. In my case, I was aware that most new businesses take two years to really start making a decent profit. I discussed it with my family so we all understood that we would have to cut down on all unnecessary expenditure, and that would mean temporary sacrifices for all of us.

Surround yourself with support

At heart I’m an independent Aries and naturally tend to just get on with things myself. What I learned during the early days was that people really do love to help! Remember my first point, that it’s not just about you. Putting my pride firmly aside, I approached all the organisations I could find and as a result received free advice, training, and even funding for my new business. I researched and claimed all the benefits I was entitled to which eased the financial pressure. I joined networking groups for local businesses which meant I could share ideas and experience, and not feel alone or isolated in my efforts. Even one true supporter, someone who stands by you, cheers you on, and always reminds you it’s possible is worth their weight in gold.

What was my experience?

I’ve never regretted it, and through the challenges I was always encouraged by knowing I was following  my soul. We had to budget very carefully, luxuries like Sky TV had to go, extra layers were worn rather than turning the heating on or up, and I even went without a car for three months (not easy in rural mid Wales where everything is a fair drive away). I never let this get me down or stop me, continuing to focus on enjoying my creativity and freedom, and as a result there were some miraculous blessings. My old company employed me as a contractor on a specific project for a few weeks, at multiple times my previous rate of pay! I was offered a part-time job helping to administrate a local theatre one or two days a week which I took gratefully and joyfully. Having built up a credit card bill paying for food, I received a substantial back-payment of working tax credit which paid it all off. Although on paper it shouldn’t have been possible, I never missed a mortgage payment. All of this opened me up to allowing more and more abundance in, which is how we create most effectively.

I believe anything is possible with the right mix of positive attitude, practicality, and spiritual certainty. I can’t guarantee a completely smooth ride, but I know you will learn and grow tremendously as you create everything you need to arrive at the destination of your dream. You also light the way for others to follow, with a little more ease and confidence.

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