Winter Solstice wishes

Posted on Dec 17, 2014 in Spiritual living

Joy water crystal

Joy water crystal

I’m not a trained astrologer, but I do feel the wisdom of the stars in my body as a deep knowing. I’m absolutely sure this is a result of anchoring myself more firmly to the core of the earth and working consciously with sacred sites over the last couple of years. The information I receive when I work in this way is always validated by the current astrology I research afterwards.

So as we approach the Winter Solstice, which I always love, it felt especially significant this year. I’ve really been called to take time out to search my soul, asking what makes my spirit sing and my whole being vibrate with joy so that I’m overflowing with love to share. Sure enough the astrology backs this up. I won’t go into that here, but I highly recommend that you listen to Kaypacha‘s excellent weekly forecasts on Youtube. It seems that from now to the end of March 2015 we’re in an amazing transitional time, and the Winter Solstice with its balance point of neutrality between the polarities of night and day, dark and light, past and future symbolises this fact beautifully.

More than at any other time in the history of this planet, we are able to reclaim our sovereign free will and co-create our reality from a neutral space. A space of no right or wrong, no possible or impossible, no shoulds or ought tos – just an infinite field of possibility in which your soul can express itself freely and fully. The Winter Solstice is the perfect neutral space of total balance in which to create.

So often we know what we want to lose or leave behind, it’s important and is the first step to change, but we often forget to afford any focus or thought for what we want to replace it with. As Aristotle said, “nature abhors a vacuum”, so unless you consciously choose what energy you’d like to fill that vacuum with, then you’ll just get all sorts of people, situations and events rushing in to fill the empty space, much of which could be far less enjoyable for you than that which you’ve just cleared out!

This is what I’ll be doing as part of my Winter Solstice day, and you may like to join me in this suggested…

Winter solstice ritual

Make your personal connection with the earth

In whatever way you feel is best for you, make your connection to the earth’s core (at the heart of which is a crystal). There is so much wisdom stored here, and you have a direct line to it if you choose to dial in. The sun and the moon are in Capricorn on this day, supporting you in uniting and manifesting your physical and spiritual aspects in a practical way in the everyday world.

Be grateful

Take a few minutes to say thank you for everything you’re leaving behind and all that you learned from it. Bring to mind everything that you’re grateful for in your life now. Even if you’re in the middle of turmoil, there’s always one thing you can pinpoint – a stranger’s smile, a rainbow. Connecting with gratitude raises your vibration, opens your heart, and forms the perfect bowl in which to hold your new blessings.

Ask, and keep asking

At the moment this is something I’m realising I don’t do anything like enough of. So simple but so vital. Ask to be shown the wisdom that is appropriate for you at this time, for your very highest good and fullest soul potential. If you only get a glimpse or a hint of an image, sound or word, don’t give up there. Stay in your receptive state of listening but ask for more. Don’t be afraid to be curious and questioning: “What does that mean? Which area of my life does this refer to? How can I apply this practically?” Keep following the clues with more questions until you get the kind of clarity you want.

Focus on feelings, not things

While it’s important to be as clear and specific in your intentions and goals as possible, I’ve found the key is to focus on your feelings. There are several reasons for this. Feelings won’t change, they’ll always feel the same (like joy, love, excitement) although the practical way they’re manifested in your life might change over time! Emotions are magnetic in nature so tuning into the feeling behind your intention will automatically draw it to you. Finally, and importantly, this approach keeps you flexible and open to the flow of evolution, and detached from the result. It means you won’t get disappointed when things don’t go exactly to the letter of your plan. For example, you could intend to be excited, joyful, well-rewarded and fulfilled in your worldwide work rather than to teach a yoga workshop on an exclusive island in the Bahamas!

Take a step!

The day after winter solstice, once you’ve written up your intentions and goals for your co-created life, take one step towards each one. It can be something as simple as creating a folder on your computer to hold your research or course materials. Remember, you probably won’t get there in one big jump and your active investment of time and energy grounds the intention and gives it momentum.

You can read more about celebrating the Winter Solstice on my Celtic Festival page. I wish you great joy as you choose to seek, understand, and shine the unlimited light of your amazing soul.

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