A Samhain spark

Posted on Oct 31, 2014 in Spiritual living

Samhain sparkMy Grandad was Irish and I live in Wales, so the mystical Celtic culture has always drawn me to its fire-bright hearth. I like to mark the Celtic wheel of the year, and to apply to those ancient festivals the spiritual wisdom that I’ve gained in my modern lifetime.

Samhain (31st October) is my favourite festival, being the Celtic New Year. I love the fact that the Celts celebrated this time of death and darkness, acknowledging that this is actually where all new life begins, in the quiet and fertile depths well before you can see any evidence of that life. For them, the new and the birth of the light began with the dying back of the old into the dark. For us today this message is infinitely more powerful. It reminds us that it’s necessary and beneficial to change the pace every now and then, that you simply can’t operate at breakneck speed for 24 hours of the day and 12 months of the year. Which of course is exactly what we tend to do, and what our employers often demand of us. When life is one headlong dash, we can easily get locked in to the pressures of simply keeping up with the demands placed on us and we forget to question, to check in with ourselves regularly, and ask, “Is this still what I want?” If we’re not careful, we can waste years in places, jobs and relationships that are not in harmony with who we are. Then wonder why we’re tired, depressed or ill.

Over the next few days, if you can, allow yourself to slow down in whatever way is most meaningful and unusual for you. So easy to say but so difficult to do I know, but make the effort and you’ll reap the rewards I promise! Meditation, rest, and sleep will all refuel you, nurture you, and help you to prepare for the year to come. Ask yourself, your Higher Self, whether you wish to continue in the same way? What is serving you and your preferences well? What could be better, and how can you facilitate the necessary changes? Are there any areas of your life still ruled by fear, or neglected because of lack of time or confidence? Anything you no longer need can be consciously released to the Dark Crone now, leaving room to plant seeds of light which can sprout with the Maiden of the Spring.

Samhain is also the time when the veil between the other worlds and dimensions is said to be at its thinnest. On this night, the legends say, you can speak easily to your ancestors, the elementals and faeries, all life that exists in other dimensions, and they can more readily cross the threshold into your world. For me, the truth is that because of Gaia’s increased vibration and a proportion of humanity’s expanding consciousness, there really is no veil any more. We are blessed to be interconnected with all dimensions and planes in every moment, and we can move between them at will. If we choose to, that is. There’s also no longer any need to have years of specialised training so that you can access these realms, or to possess the ability to enter a deep trance state so that we can communicate with the beings that live there. All it takes is a true desire, and a willing and open heart.

And there, perhaps, is the only and very modern veil that still remains – the thought form of separation. We are only separate if we think we are, if we believe we are, if we allow our lower minds to contain us in that admittedly safe and “sane” but ultimately limiting box. So this Samhain my supplication is that you’ll feel able to push off the lid, step out of the illusory box, and reach out to those otherworlds, and the magic they encompass, with all the love in your heart. If you’re already box-free, then reach a little further, venture a little deeper than you’ve been before. Dare to believe that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of (thank you Shakespeare) – even if you dream big like me! And most of all know that this particular magic will show up not for one Samhain night only, but for all your nights and days, transforming a headlong dash into a soul-led adventure.

P.S. As I type this article on October 30th, my website is down due to problems that the hosting company is resolving. So there is no reason for me not to stop, review, meditate, and commune. Box? What box!

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