The triple heart of spirituality

Posted on Aug 11, 2014 in Spiritual living

Triple (threefold) flameSpirituality has nothing to do with religion, and sadly religion has often gone a long way towards giving spirituality a bad name. True spirituality has no need of a label, in fact it defies any attempt to label it because it champions the freedom of the soul to express its true essence, and the ways to do that are as many and as unique as we are! True freedom means that you respect another’s choice to walk a different spiritual path from yours, knowing that all paths ultimately lead to a common truth. Across all belief systems, despite the apparent surface differences, three underlying values are consistently honoured and worked towards: wisdom, love, and power.

Say “wisdom”, and many people think of an intellectual locked away with their books and absorbed in their learning, somewhat reclusive and even slightly removed from the practical considerations of everyday life. That is not spiritual wisdom. The kind of wisdom I’m talking about is not to be found in books, but by diving deep into the soul and exploring your inner world through fearless feeling and intuition. It is an inner gnosis that comes from knowing yourself thoroughly, exactly as the Oracle at Delphi announced to all seekers who came to her temple looking for answers. This kind of wisdom informs everything you do as a human in the world, enabling you to fully embrace the physical experience of being, knowing it is only a small part of who you truly are. With spiritual wisdom, you know what is best for you and others in any situation, you’re able to accept all circumstances, and you’re inspired to be the very best you can be because it’s something that wells up from within you. It’s a wisdom that goes beyond logic and linear thought, opening you up to cosmic, multidimensional awareness. In our energetic system, this wisdom is seated in the brow chakra.

Love is so often conditional, only given if certain demands are fulfilled, or dependent on receiving love in return. Spiritual love is completely unconditional, expecting nothing and accepting the beloved just as they are without judgement or condemnation. Love must start with the self, only then are you able to give it to others. Ironically, we often find it hardest to love ourselves and are the first to judge (often cruelly) what we see as our weaknesses and inadequacies. Consequently it’s the root of much illness, which is why love is so closely linked to healing. I would go so far as to say there can be no healing without love. I experienced a transformational experience myself years ago as a healer when, in the middle of a session, I felt myself shift to heart-centred healing and the overwhelming flood of compassion and tears released by that shift. Spiritual love demands that you dissolve any blocks or defences to loving yourself and others and arrive at a place of complete open-ness and vulnerability. In our energetic system, this love is seated in the heart chakra.

Power, in the dictionary definition, is simply the ability to have an effect, to manifest something. It has nothing to do with exerting control over others, although abuse of the ability to manifest has led to that current general understanding of the word. When you’re spiritually powerful, you’re able to bring through into the world a physical manifestation of your inner soul expression, whether that’s a business, a book, a child, a work of art or all of these at different times! For us as humans, the ability to tap into our personal power is often tied up with our sexuality, and if you’re able to express this healthily (in a balanced and loving manner) then you won’t have a problem with being creative in whatever ways you wish to be, and you’re always able to be true to yourself. Spiritual power enables you to own who you are and what you do, the fabulous as well as the not so, and take full responsibility for it. In our energetic system, this power is seated in the sacral chakra (or more accurately the womb or hara centre which is three fingers’ width below the belly button).

We see this “triple flame” reflected throughout history in many cultures; in the triple goddesses, holy families (father, mother, child) and holy trinity. Remember that each of these values on their own, although valuable, are not effective without the others. They need each other and enable each other; they truly are a family that together are invincible. Love needs to be directed wisely, and infused with power to change things. Power needs to be tempered by love so it doesn’t become control, and wisdom can be cold and detached if it’s not delivered from the heart……you see how it works.

Imagine a world where everyone is aware of their true soul identity and feels free to express it creatively, has no need to defend themselves from the imagined “threat” of others, and loves each other unconditionally. Pretty amazing huh? If everyone embraced the wisdom, love and power at the heart of their beliefs, and they’re always there if you can peel back the layers and centuries of packaging, then we’d recognise that we’re all longing for the same result – embodying the soul.

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