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Posted on Jun 25, 2014 in Spiritual living, Tarot

Oracle at DelphiNow that we’ve made our journey through the spiritual development meaning of Tarot cards, specifically the major arcana of the Thoth deck, I thought it would be helpful to see how you could use this information in a practical reading for yourself or others. We all need a bit of guidance sometimes when it comes to our spiritual growth, and I’ve found this spread to be very informative. If you haven’t read my soul journey series of articles, then you can begin here with The Fool.

Although my articles refer specifically to the Thoth deck, you can easily use this spread with any deck of your choice if you have a good understanding of it.

Soul journey tarot spread

Separate the major arcana cards of your deck into one pile, and the minor arcana and court cards into another.

Start by deciding which major arcana card you’re currently working with. You can do this in three ways, depending which feels right to you:

  • You may already know intuitively which card you’re currently working with.
  • Ask where you currently are in your spiritual development while shuffling the major arcana cards, and then pick one in your usual way.
  • You may want to read through the descriptions in my article series and see which one describes your experiences best at the present time.

When you’ve selected the major arcana card representing your present situation, place it in front of you as a reference (and sort of significator) for the rest of the reading.

Shuffle the minor arcana cards, and lay the cards out in a pyramid shape as follows from 1 to 5 (leave 6 for now):

Soul journey tarot spread

Card 1: In what area of your being, and how, is this spiritual lesson playing out?

Cups = mastery of your emotions and relationships

Swords = limiting beliefs, habits and thought patterns

Wands = your connection to spiritual guidance and inspiration

Disks = physical health or money and security challenges

Court cards can indicate that one particular person in your life (as described by the card) is personifying or helping you with this particular learning

Card 2: What is the main unconscious obstacle to you mastering this lesson?

Card 3: How can you overcome that obstacle consciously?

Card 4: What are your hopes and fears around this lesson?

Card 5: The key to freeing your soul in this area – pay particular attention to this card and how it relates to or opposes card 4.

Shuffle the remaining major arcana cards and pick one in your usual way for the last position.

Card 6:  Where you’re heading next in your spiritual development when you’ve mastered the current lesson.

Sometimes it can take us a long while to master a particular spiritual lesson as we peel back layers of soul wounding and release karma, so it’s worth repeating this reading even if you feel you’re still working with the same major arcana card. You may now be moving through a different obstacle and new fears once others have been cleared away.

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